Xtool A80 Pro H6 Pro Vehicle Coverage

Xtool A80 Pro tablet (same as H6 Pro) is designed for a Full-System Diagnosis Tool, a key programmer, an ECU programmer for VW/AUDI/BMW/Mercedes/Ford/Mazda, a service reset tool with 20 special function. A common question is: what car models Xtool A80 Pro H6 Pro can work with.

Image 1: 8-inch industrial capacitive touch screen tablet with 2GB RAM and 64G on-board memory.

Here you can go for Xtool A80 Pro tablet (H6 Pro) function list:


Operation guide:

Select H6 Pro, brand, model, years, system name and then click on “Search”.

And you will have specific car model, years, system name, version and what functions it is available with: read ECU information, read trouble code, clear trouble code, live data, read freeze frame, Actuation test, special functions, component protection, parameterized, coding, programming, immobilizer, mileage adjustment etc.

Look at the image below, we take Audi for example:

*The supported functions are √, and the unsupported functions are ×.

Xtool A80 Pro, it is worth to own for what it works?

This video demonstrate its hardware configuration, UI interface and software capabilities.

And real users feedback:

  1. I already have a scanner but with much more price. And this one Xtool A80 Pro is completely overwhelm of that one for more special functions and more coverage lists. Also the running speed is faster with stronger CPU. Good buy.
  2. This 16pin cable works great with my tool. I used it for couple times. And the length is perfect.
  3. STRONG FULL SYSTEM DIGAGNOSIS! Do a lot of hidden functions.

Xtool A80 Pro Vs. Xtool X100 Pad3, which one is better?

They have many same functions, but x100 pad3 has more service function than H6 pro, H6 pro has more powerful diagnostic system, support all system diagnosis,and support some ecu coding function.

For the details, please watch this comparison table: Xtool A80 Pro Vs Xtool A80 Vs X100 Pad3.

Okay, finally, where is the place to have one Xtool A80 Pro? what’s the price?

This is the reliable source: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xtool-a80-pro.html

Its price is a little over 1000USD, which is definitely good value for money.