Top 5 Car Diagnostic Tools for Perodua and Proton

Recommend top 5 brands car diagnostic tools for Perodua and Proton, range from $159 to $1,050, from a pocket device to a large tablet, from suitable the individual user to the workshop.

They are Humzor NexzDAS Pro, VPECKER E4 Malaysia Version, Xtool A80, Launch X431 PRO3 / V+ Foxwell GT60 Plus. Let’s go for the details one by one in the following parts.


Top 1:

Humzor NexzDAS Pro Android Version


*Running with Android Tablet (IOS is not okay so far)

Price: $159


Humzor NexzDAS Pro Bluetooth with 10″ tablet


*Comes with one 10″ tablet, can also run with your Android phone after downloading the software from the official site.

Price: $239


The above two optional versions share the same function list:

Humzor NexzDAS Pro Proton v12.0 Function List

Humzor NexzDAS Pro Perodua V18.20 Function List


Humzor NexzDAS Pro Pros:

-> Cheapest

-> Allow the user to download any car brand by yourself.


Humzor NexzDAS Pro Cons:

Running with one phone that means it will occupy the mobile phone memory.


Top 2: VPECKER E4 Malaysia Version V8.3


Price: $999

-> One dedicated Malaysia car diagnostic tool.

-> 8 inch touch screen tablet (Android)

-> Multi-language available (English as default)

-> Diagnosis performance: √

-> Maintenance functions (coding/resetting/programming etc): √

-> One key update/logging/test report/feedback/function list via WIFI.


To read: VPECKER E4 Perodua Function List V14.1

√Up to 2018 /2019 year (depends on the Perodua car models)

√Read trouble codes

√Clear trouble codes

√Data list

√Active test

√Special Functions (it may vary by models, types, years)


To read: VPECKER E4 Proton Function List V13.2

√Up to 2018 /2019 year ( depends on the Proton car model and system)

√Read trouble codes

√Clear trouble codes

√Data list

√Active test

√Special Functions (More special functions than Perodua. It may vary by models, types, years)


Top 3: Xtool A80 Full system diagnostic tool


Price: 799USD


To read: Xtool A80 Proton V8.11 Function List


To read: Xtool A80 Perodua Function List


ECU information: √

Read Codes: √

Erase codes: √

Live data: √

Actuators: √

Special Function: √

***For Actuators and Special Functions, it may vary by makes, models, types, years, thus only the available ones will be shown.


Xtool A80 pros:

All-system diagnosis for a wide range of car makes √

Key programming √

Odometer adjustment √

Special functions √

*For newest and comprehensive Xtool A80 coverage, visit the official site:


Xtool A80 Cons:

Not suitable for the DIYer those who are only searching for Proton and Perodua car diagnostic tool.


Top 4: Launch X431 PRO3 / V+:


Price: $1,049

Malaysia Perodua car diagnosis √

Malaysia Proton car diagnosis √


you can check supported car details here:

best-car-diagnostic-tool-for-perodua-proton-06 best-car-diagnostic-tool-for-perodua-proton-07



Launch X431 PRO3 / V+ Pros:

A decent professional diagnostic tool for a workshop.

Has smart operation

Has quick running speed


Launch X431 PRO3 / V+ Cons:

– Far beyond the needs of individual users.

– Far beyond the demand for Malaysian Perodua / Proton vehicle diagnostics.

– Expensive price