Ford / Mazda IDS V128 Free Download

December 29, 2022 uobdii 0

Free Download Ford and Mazda IDS V128: Ford_IDS_128: Incl. IDS-128.01_full.exe VCI_Software_1.0.0.10.exe MZD_IDS_128: IDS-128.00_full.exe Ford_Mzd patch: Mega Download Link: Ford Mazda IDS V128 […]

CG FC-200 V1.1.0.0 Software Update

December 20, 2022 uobdii 0

CG FC-200 V1.1.0.0 Software Update: 1.Added DELPHI platform and BOOT engine: CRD3.10, CRD3.E1, CRD3.F1, CRD3E.1, CRD3P.B0, CRD3P.C0, CRD3P.D1, CRD3P.G0, and CRD3xx 2.Added BOSCH BOOT engines: […]

Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.2.2 Update and Download

December 1, 2022 uobdii 0

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer Software update to V5.2.2. VVDI Prog V5.2.2 free download link: VVDI Prog V5.2.2 update details (2022-11-28):  * This version don’t need update  firmware + Add R5F212K2, R5F212K4, R5F21344, R5F21345, R5F21346, […]

BMW ISAT-D 4.32 Software Free Download

November 28, 2022 uobdii 0

BMW ISAT-D 4.32 Software Free Download: Download Link: System requirements for ISTA 4.21.3x and higher: 1. Windows 10 v1903 or higher 2. Microsoft .NET […]