VVDI Prog v5.2.8 Update

June 2, 2023 uobdii 0

VVDI Prog v5.2.8 update on May 31th, 2023. * This version DON’t need update firmware * Modify MQB-LOCK(D70F35xx)-WRITE, VW-4th-NEC35XX-WRITE, options in <5-DASHBOARD>-><VOLKSWAGEN>: Optimize the process […]

Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.2.2 Update and Download

December 1, 2022 uobdii 0

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer Software update to V5.2.2. VVDI Prog V5.2.2 free download link: https://we.tl/t-DL9RUw53mA VVDI Prog V5.2.2 update details (2022-11-28):  * This version don’t need update  firmware + Add R5F212K2, R5F212K4, R5F21344, R5F21345, R5F21346, […]


Autel XP400 vs XP400 Pro vs VVDI PROG

November 15, 2020 uobdii 0

Autel XP400 Super Programmer has three types of functions: Read/Write Vehicle Transponder Chip Data, including Benz Infrared Keys, Generate Vehicle-specific Keys and Dealers’Key;Read ECU Data, […]