Mercedes W169 A Class AKL by CGDI MB & Xhorse EZS Adapter

Here is a new test report about CGDI Prog MB.

We programmed a key for a Mercedes- Benz W169 A Class with no keys using the Xhorse VVDI Prog EZS Adapters set and the CGDI MB programming tool.

Products Used:

  • CGDI MB Benz Key Programmer

It can do spare key and all keys lost on all Mercedes models.

The VVDI Prog Benz EIS/EZS adapters are a very good range of adapters for doing lost key scenarios on Mercedes- Benz.

  • Remote key

Let’s start!

I’ve got my EIS out of the vehicle. It’s a w169 which is the last of the old shape Mercedes A Class.

I’ve removed two screws and opened up the case.

Then what I do is I get the relevant adapter from the Xhorse BENZ ess adapter set.

It shows W169 on the adapter. It can only sit on the board one way.

Just literally rest my board onto my pins gently press it down and just turn the little clamps to clamp it down.

It’s very simple. Now it’s secured.

STEP 1: Read EIS data by Xhorse VVDI Prog

Next is to connect VVDI Prog programmer with it, and connect to computer via USB cable.

Open up the VVDI Prog software

Select 4 IMMOBILIZER, Benz, and EIZ W169 V1-ST12 (ADAPTER)

Then go to read the EIS and get the data.

The operation is successful, and save the file.

STEP 2: Add Key by CGDI MB

Next thing we’ll do is disconnect the USB cable from the VVDI Prog, and connect it to CGDI Prog MB.

Open CGDI MB software

Load the EIS file we just saved

All the data now is on the MB Tool from EIS. It’s already got the password because we’ve read it directly from EIS. We haven’t got a user token to get password.

Then press ‘Save the EIS data’

Save the original data successfully

Next what we need to now is generate key file

Load the EIS file just saved that’s got the password in it.

Then select v051, because 41 is for keyless.

Select key 3 slot to generate.

It’s connected to the server and it’s going to generate the key file which is going to be written onto our new key.

Save the key file after generating.

Finally, I’m going to read/write key.

Put the new key into the CGDI MB device.

It’s a brand new key because it’s got no ssid and it’s got no key position. So that’s good.

Pick Open file/write

Read the prompt and pick the file just generated to write.

Write the file successfully, then read key again.

Now the key ssid is got and it’ put into position.

  1. It’s done completely.