2022 Best Car Key Programmers Reviews


Car key programmers are ultraportable immobilizers and key programming devices, which provide customers with professional key programming, pin code reading etc. They can meet the actual needs of different users like locksmiths and car key shops.

The brands of car key programmers we review is the most poplular and best including Autel,Xhorse,OBDSTAR,Xtool,Londor,Yanhua. Supporting the majority of car keys from European, American and Asian vehicles.All of the brands of auto key programmers support update online to ensure the machine with the newest software. The user-friendly interaction design interfaces, the on-screen instructions and help file will help use these programmers smoothly.Autel IM608 / IM508 and Xtool X100 can not only program key but also diagnose the car, correct the mileage etc.

Car Key Programmers Review List:

1.Autel IM608 & IM508
2.Xhorse VVDI2 / VVDI MB / VVDI BMW tool
3.obdstar X300 DP Plus
4.Tango key programmer
5.Lonsdor K518
6.Yanhua Mini ACDP
7.Autek iKey820
8.XTOOL X100 Pro2/Xtool X100 Pad 2/X100 Pad3

Question: What is the best car key programmer in 2020?


One man best tool isn’t the same as the next mans best tool .

you need the best tool for your needs , and only you know what this is , so simple exercise to get your answers ;

1) work out the reliable coverage that you lack at present
2) priorities it in its value to you , ie how much you need it and will use it
3) i doubt 1 tool will do it , so from points 1 and 2 draw up the tools that meet your needs then you have narrowed it down to exactly what you need and want to find then which tool best suits you needs, then which has the most earning potential to determine the order you buy them in.

It’s an impossible question to answer if not clear about the coverage you want , you could get many answers , others will tell you that tool is shit and you need this tool instead , then another will tell you how crap that one is and need this one , oops theres your mixed reports again , and which one fits your needs and brings worth to the table especially as mixed reports.

abrirtes is always useful
zedfull may prove useful
Autel IM608 may prove useful
Lonsdor K518ISE may prove useful
TDB1000 is making inroads

So many general units around , no matter what the unit is you will read mixed reports on it , that’s forums , groups and people, never agree , all like or loathe, one man go to tool is another dust catcher a tool one likes another hates , so mixed reports as you put it is the norm. I don’t know any tool that doesn’t have its haters and its negatives and have those that voice the negatives , another issue with forums and groups , you only read negatives as far fewer post on the positives, that’s the net. i doubt you will find any tool that doesn’t have mixed reports from users or those that pretend to be users . the hard work on the negative reports is weeding out the genuine from the procedure errors.
then what is the point of same coverage as a number of tools you already have and probably prefer , surely it makes more sense to look to fill gaps where you don’t already have token free reliable coverage already , this then opens up dealer tools , specialist make tools and so much more , what’s the point in another tool that just covers what you already have on a number of machines , and as some of these machines copy each other , you know the ones , then it reduces their need even further .

Autel is decent kit by all accounts. Autel has some coverage others don’t , but at cost of tool and £700 a year for updates will you get to use it enough when you have a lot of its coverage elsewhere.

smart pro is very good on new fords and does a good few of the new Renaults, but those tokens can hurt , and would you use it enough to make annual utp pay .

abrites are close to releasing akl on Renault traffic im told too , so if buying from a developer as seems the way now then won’t be long before others have it .

Lonsdor does alot of what autel does , both have their fails and both have their issues as with any tool .

In details one by one:

1. Autel IM608 review


I have a lot of Autel tools and they have been really good for me in the field so naturally the Autel IM608 was my go-to for a starter. The subscription doesn’t deter me as it might for others because I ended my snap-on subscriptions now that I’ve outgrown their capability. Compared to snap-on subscription prices, Autel is a drop in the bucket.
So far it hasn’t left me completely empty handed. I had a 2008 Hyundai Azera it refused to pull a PIN code from so I had to buy one. Have a Jeep Commander it refuses to change the PCM VIN over OBD2 on even though it’s worked on many others.. Ended up just changing the WCM VIN so that they would sync and that was okay for the customer as we don’t do emissions testing. 2008 Saab 9-3 it wouldn’t pull a PIN code from.


I own the Autel MaxiIM IM608. I purchased it because I wanted to do more key programming. My first vehicle I used it on, was a 2015 Fiat 500 NEC MCU in BCM. I could not find PIN in NEC, I was able to read with VVDI prog. So I purchased the Autel IM608, it was able to read pin no problem. Went to precode the transponder (Dealer key would have worked no problem but I was using aftermarket) and the IM608 would not get the needed information from IMMO (said Failed, Locked BCM, had to disconnect battery to regain communication).

So I called Autel support (China) I tried Autel USA but they didn’t seem too knowledgeable. Autel support china within minutes could see the error on their server, they sent me Beta software for IMMO_FIAT to attempt and solve the problem. It worked perfectly.

All other vehicles I have tried have gone well, I was curious about Incode/outcode in newer fords. It programmed a key on 2018 Ford transit no problem, didn’t ask for any pins or incode/outcode.

I only purchased the Autel because I have their Maxisys Elite and ADAS frame and I am very happy with their tools. I have never used a Lonsdor or OBDStar so I cannot comment on their performance.

One big bonus to the IM608 is you also get SCN Coding, VW online coding ect. I use the XP400 to clone modules all the time, VVDI prog used to be my “go to” but now Xp400 is.

Is it a rookie tool? Nope, if you’re a rookie you’ll probably be frustrated. But if you have basic EEPROM and MCU skills / Locksmith skills id highly recommend it.

3.The Autel IM608 has more value if you buy the bundle kit that comes with the APB112 Key simulator and the GBOX2. Normally the bundle that includes these 2 is the same price as JUST the IM608 with XP400 programmer.

I don’t work on Mercedes or Volkswagen that much so I can’t speak to that much

It handles all the ford and fiat I have worked on even the newer fiat
BMW on the IM608 has been a very good revenue stream, already paying for the tool and then some, and I am just out of the gate with knowing anything

I would recommend it for a 1st tool for these reasons:
1. It’s my first key oriented tool and it’s been great for learning on
2. tech support for Autel is spot on, the immo team there is knowledgeable and actually wants to help. Jocy is who I ask for.
3. it is fairly universal and if the software is lacking, often times you can’t still get the job with extra work because of the XP400 and GBOX2 then just not doing it at all if your dead set on JUST OBD
4. the diag software is good, it comes with a built in hex editor that works well, storage and organization is neat
5. the J2534 programmer is an added source of revenue, often overlooked feature when talking immo but I use it in a pinch when factory files are needed

Most people will tell you as they have told me that no one tool will do all jobs. I think VVDI 2 might have better software.
Subscription wise some say the IM608 is costly.
Luckily just getting ONE of these quality brands will probably open you up to buying and wanting even more. I thought the IM608 was too expensive when I bought it, took me months to commit. Now that I have it and its making money, I have no regrets.

I can link here the bundle kit Autel MaxiIM IM608 + APB112 + G-BOX2:


Autel Key Programmer Review 2020

How to Choose: Autel MaxiIM IM608 or IM508

VVDI2 review:

1) if you buy full vvdi 2 you get bmw with it.

vvdi mb , you need to weigh up if it will pay its way , will you get enough Mercedes at good enough rates to get payback , and on NI rates what risks are you prepared to take with cars up to 50k value.

everything comes down to payback , and risk vs profit at end of day , only got to kill one car to kill alot of profit to claw back, though in NI , kill someone’s merc you may book that body bag .

2) Around were I am the cars are mostly German, not touched a fiat for at least 5 years. Vauxhall can be programmed with autel or op com. I use mb vvdi and Simon touch for Mercedes.

vvdi bmw tool reviews:

@ huzionet feedback:

-> Support instrument cluster memory M35080 v6 – done

-> Key programming in 2004 E60 with CAS2 successful.

-> I was able to connect and code the test kit I built with cas3, kgm, kombi, ahl, where communication is via d-can cable. I was able to code two controllers and program the meter. In fact, before these activities, the program downloaded data from the internet. Today I tried to connect to E83 and failed, and should also code this car. We managed to change the mileage in CAS3 + through obd and change the mileage from read m35080v6 memory. For now, I have not tried to do more on the car.

-> I think that key programming is well done because vvdi2 has had CAS3 ++ keys for a long time.

@MIKUr1 feedback:

Got the vvdi bmw tool and for now I did two keys – one for E63 CAS2 and second for E87 CAS2. Both without problem, 3-4 minutes job, but actually, this is no big achievement .

In F15 it reads FA and coding properly, but can’t recode. Also, after loading dump from EWS3 it shows that mileage is 0km – of course not so big problem

@lukasz_61 feedback:

I’ve read ISN from MSD80 from 2008 E92 335i US. Not thru OBD port, but by doing little harness on bench like in diagram.

@chrisi1909 feedback

New Version 1.50 ready for downloading since yesterday ! A few changes.

@mircea13n feedback

I’ve talked to xhorse support about sw bugs , sent logs to R&D team of xhorse with answer.

on F series i discovered that anytime i try to code a unit the sw crash. cas2 key add via obd tested successfully.

VVDI MB BGA Tool and reviews:

  1. vvdi mb get that, I have both and abtires times to get key password is horrible.
  2. I have AVDI, butsometimes VVDI has better working times on pulling out the password from the car. But sometimes VVDI has advantages, sometimes not. I know, that VVDI works with tokens, but when you use VVDI Benz keys, you get some tokens for that too, and don’t 4get, that there is some free calculations/day too and a token free version for a handfull of money.
    From the other hand AVDI makes everything 4 free, but you have to pay AMS yearly just to be able to use the whole thing.
    The wise ones have both of ’em + CGDI Benz, just to b able to make the fastest choiche.For Example: S-Class 2015, W222, akl.Abritas counting Time was nearly 26-30 hours. VVDI foretold 4-5 hours.

PS: W222 2015 on fbs3 .In the cars papers was 2015, didn’t checked the windows for date.

  1. Buy VVDI with an xhorse key cutter then token free 1 a day
    -assume offer still available.

obdstar review:

  1. Obdstar is very good

a good price… and works very well. really is very good for the price.

  1. I have xpad 2 and compared to obdstar DP Plus…. OBDSTAR is superior… works very well Fiat Renault BMW and other brands that are not easy to work with another team.

Also much better than Autel IM608.

  1. I use X300DP and am very happy with it.Most Asian cars, and key programming on newer cars (except VAG BMW MB) are done with this one for me.
  2. One my first tool was the Xtool pro pad. it’s an ok tool but I am not impressed, I looked at the obdstar and looks very similar to the pro pad, thus I am assuming would be a little bit different but not by much. My good friend of mine has the OBDSTAR. I have programmed like two keys and have not use the tool that much to say if it’s a good or not.
  3. I think OBDSTAR after experience has many advantage than Xtool pro pad and Autel im608 especially for Japanese car and Europe car , it worth to test.
  4. The method to precode chips with Obdstar:

You need P001 programmer for obdstar to precode keys .


  1. If you are in Europe, don’t you think that obdstar support much car like Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Fiat,… seems much better than im608 (regardless Benz).
  1. Obdstar is definitely the first choice based on price and coverage.I have them all, auro seem to promise the world but don’t deliver quick enough so far behind on European market. Xtool is good and a decent complimentary tool. I spent so much time in shenzhen with each of the manufacturers and have been offered distribution on all 3 but obdstar is the tool of choice!

BTW we have a new tool coming out for EU market exclusively for obdstar at a price of around 500 gbp to give you a tester of what obdstar can do! That is obstar X300 Pro4.


  1. Definitely OBDSTAR x300 and then when you can get a smartpro, I still favor the x300 for speed and weightover my smartpro for some makes.

If you asked me ” what ur x300 better than im608 or pro pad ?”, my answer is: It depends on the make of the car, that’s like ask what is your favorite wrench, of course it’s 10mm but you can’t do everything with just that one.

  1. I have OBDSTAR x300 dp , with RFID and EPROM adapters, I’m really happy with it, never had any problem.
    I made several keys but mostly I use it for mileage correction. Anyway to do locksmith job u need other tools not just one of these posted here.

If you are considering to have one OBDSTAR, it depends on what main job you want to do, they have newest ODO Master for mileage correction and X300 Pro4 for locksmith. Their price is half of OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus.

  1. OBDSTAR x300 strictly for Honda Toyota keys and Nissan. And lastly the t300 For older fords with the 4c keys.

obdstar x300dp plus IMMO car list


obdstar x300dp plus ODO car list


obdstar X300 PRO4 key programming car list:


obdstar ODO MASTER mileage programming car list:



Scorpio Tango key programmer reviews

1). Tango is used for key making via eeprom & transponder generation

Maybe Tango is not in direct competition with Abrites. Tango is mainly used for key making via eeprom and transponder generation whereas Abrites is mainly for keymaking and other functions via OBD. The closest point they meet is with the Tag key tool been used as a eeprom aid.

Now it could be said that Tango could kick the ass of Tmpro, ad900, zed bull, and miraclone. but others would beg to differ.

I would say that Abrites is now becoming big competition to AD 100 Pro.

Tango kicks Abrites ass in RELIABILITY, QUALITY and customer support with ease. Obviously it cant do nowhere near as much as Abrites, BUT atleast it works first time and everytime and you can trust it UNLIKE Abrites

2). Each programmer has its limitation

Tango, TMPro, Tag keytool, Arbrites are complementary.
Each has its limitations and it is designed in such a way by a team of designers.And team designers come from the same group.

If you complain why tango does not support the type transponder xxx, then tmpro is the solution and vice versa.
So there will never be one tool that spans all the problems.

3) Two Tango versions in China, FLY and Skorpio-LK

I have Tango from China upgraded to latest software on Scorpio-Lk Tango web-side no problem , Great Tool !
but you have two version available from china, the cheaper version about 200USD is clone/copy rubbish and will not update on Skorpio-LK ……
Original Tango price- over 1000USD and all is working fine you must register on Skorpio-LK with in one month of purchase and if you don,t connect to internet/server tool will lock itself , you can buy extra modules from Skorpio-LK no problems.

I have tried new Fly tango V1.111, it does not work. Before update it worked little bit. For example I could red Skoda 1998 iD33 key. But after update nothing works. Except for documentation, that works. I am using it on windows XP, no yellow flags.When I check Fly tango software says everything is ok, but last line says some errors. I contacted Fly company, but they are not interested, probably because they know it does not work. Any suggestions, I be grateful. I think I have to buy original Tango. I was misslead because some guys on DK said it worked like original, but no updates. FLY TANGO V1.111 DOES NOT WORK

The Tango functions: cover, read, write and generate transponders;read kilomoters,VIN,and transponder type.

Tango Transponder support: Philips transponders, Temic transponders, Megamos transponders,Texastransponders,Atmel

Note that, here i mean the original from Scorpio, not the cheap one from FLY
Maybe you would save some good $$$$ if you just bought the clone TM100 from the FLY company. But it has many bugs and sometimes goes faulty for no reason. Send it back for repair but a few months later, probably DEAD again. They cannot help resolve any bugs or issues with their devices

In summary, Tango is more stable than TM100.
Perhaps TM100 remains to be perfect.
but if you don’t venture to buy a new product, chose Scorpio Tango instead.

6) Tango can be mostly  used because it have to many advance options and softwares are extremely cheap and 100% secure!!  Every update brings new free keymakers. Look at the few updates id8c cloning, id48 cloning along with quite a few free modules, do any of the other offer these as free updates. Also including bmw/vag the pay per brand is dirt cheap and once paid the most updates are free for these brands.

Also had Tango connected to PC for more then 24 hours for scanning code. It is still working.

Tango have some free package but the problem is most of the software is not free, you have to Pay for most of them to get them.

With tango you can work with original transponders (so cheap than TPX…) and don’t have to adapt anything when u make a key (pcf7936) like other tool. all keys generated by Tango are READY TO START.

I really love Tango ,Tango growing step by step ,this is I like. I think main problem is not device, main problem is support.  Distributor they are always delay to reply ,  So who can give fast support that device is good.

Lonsdor K518 reviews:


I have Lonsdor K518 and it works good with all newer Fords. Even with all keys lost. I have done 2018 Explorer, 2017 Expedition, 2015 F150, etc.

It works good with Maserati key programming as well.

Land Rover has good coverage.

I’ve done BMW FEM/BDC All keys lost. (It was easier with Lonsdor than Autohex and VVDI).

Lonsdor K518 Cons:

Can add new key for Continental MQB, not Jonson control MQB

Mini ACDP Review:


@ droidwayne65 review

It’s worked fine for me so far but I use it only for EGS stuff.

@ PixelsFixed

Well I’ve used it for:-
CAS3+ reading and writing flash and eeprom. Excellent
FEM/BDC spare keys. Spot on.
Cas4 AKL and spare keys. Spot on.
Locked JLR KVM. Spot on.
FRM Repairs. Again, spot on.

It’s becoming one of my favorite tools.

@ Jimmy07

Done a few CAS3+ and 16 Jag XF with no issues
I never buy Chinese tools direct from China. Yes you will pay more buying from a local supplier but you have some support and can return the tool if it breaks.

also CAS4/4+ no issues


I bought one purely as it was cheap, I needed something for my Comfort Access retrofit that could make keys and read the CAS. This was £300ish and does everything I need. It makes keys flawlessly on CAS4 over OBD. I know it’s not the most expensive but keys over OBD is a great option!


I bought an ACDP mini purely to create new CAS4 keys for my F10 and to clone my CAS4 for a comfort access retrofit. CAS clone worked great and was successful in adding new keys to donor CAS after cloning as well as original keys working ok. Reading CAS4 via ICP working first time every time and I have had no failures or errors. The issue with my method was that cloning the original CAS4 also copied the HWAP which rendered the Comfort Access aspects of the donor CAS inoperable. The solution was given by a friend who decrypted the CAS using a different tool, I think Autohex. I still had to provide the DME ISN for him from ACDP in order to decrypt the CAS data.

ACDP has some usable functions but its certainly not a professional tool. I don’t use the mobile interface, I use the PC software.


True, ACDP is one of the best tools. No soldering and does what it needs to for key making and icp reading of cas.
Explorer is the most cumbersome (you need keytag tool, Ecu explorer needs that you open dme’s e.t.c) but one of the best all round tool, Autohex makes things as easy as can be and also one of the best all round.


I have the newest one my ACDP is only 2 months old. bought ACDP FULL BMW PACKAGE.

CAS3-4 keys no problem with ACDP icp mode of course
FRM repair also works good


I used it for few keys and coping f series ecus had no issues with that,
tried bdc for key programming wouldn’t connect to bdc via adapter
need more testing but so far for keys on cas4/3 it works good.


Just did CAS4  KR55WK49663 key yesterday worked like a charm, I need to test it on fem and bdc but CAS never had any issues. I also use it from iPhone

Autek IKey820 OBD key programmer reviews


Autek IKey820 wins Superobd SKP900 in:

Autek IKey820 OBD key programmer is 10 times better than Superobd SKP900.

Autek IKey820 can work with the car up to 2018 /2019 year and can update online continuously.

Superobd SKP900 can work with the car before 2015 / 2016 year and can’t update in the future.

Program key Via OBD

Has on-screen instruction instead of paper user manual

Free tokens: IKey 820 comes with 500 tokens. When you finish 500 tokens, you can reload another 200 tokens again and again.

Best for: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, GM, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, Subaru


  1. Autek IKey820 Ford key programmer review
  2. Autek IKey820 Dodgekey programmer review

Good for: Citroen, DS, Ferrari, Fiat, GMC, Honda, Acura, Saab, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Landrover, Kia, Lexus, Maserati, Mazda, MG, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Scion, Smart, Suzuki, Toyota, VW, Audi, BMW, Mini, Benz etc.

VAG 4th & 5th generation IMMO: not support, only support up to 3.5th generation IMMO.

Toyota G & H chip add key & all keys lost programming:

North American cars YES & no need simulator smart card.

The other regions add new key YES & all keys lost NO

Year: Up to 2018 / 2019 year.

Usually, Autek IKEY820 update is free. The following two licenses are for an extra charge.

*** Give the dealer a valid email address and device serial number, the dealer will provide account and password to update.

XTool Key Programmer

XTool X100 Series Key Programmer Comparison

Xtool X100 Pro2 IMMO review

  1. If you lost keys to your vehicle this is a great tool a lock smith or having the dealer do it will cost you around 500 so by doing it yourself with this device you save yourself 300$ roughly this device also has a old 2 scanner and on select models you can adjust your miles. overall this is a great product and is very well made.
  2.  Worked like charm. Programmed an aftermarket key for my 2014 Lexus Rx350at first try.
  3. Able to program 3 aftermarket keys to my 2009 Outback XTand it did not ask for the immobilizer or teaching code.

Some users feedback, Its good for old cars, not for new cars.

Please read Xtool X100 Pro2 IMMO carlist:


2020-best-car-key-programmers-review-07 2020-best-car-key-programmers-review-08

Xtool X100 Pad2 IMMO reviews
Xtool X100 Pad2 Yes

Onix 2014 add key okay
Cruze 2013 add key okay
cobalt 2015 add key okay

Montana 2009 read pin code and add key okay
Corsa c 2010 brazilian model add key is okay

2012 spare key wouldn’t program under Opel Vivario or any system 1-8. Programmed under Renault Traffic 2 keys 2 minutes.

fiesta 2011 add key okay
focus 2012 add key okay
focus titaniun 2014 add key okay

Ford C-max 2011 add key ok.

2009 Ford Focus AKL Done 2 minutes but under Ford China in menu

Ford EcoSport 2015 non bladed key programmed transponder and remote OK
All keys lost

ford transit 2011 europe
add blue key ok

Ford Mustang 2013 add key ok!

sandero 2014 (old version) add key okay,
sandero 2009 , add key okay
kangoo 2011 add key okay

I’ve did several Megane Scenic 2 before 2008 very well. After 2008, Xtool X100 Pad2 read wrong pincode. But with correct pin, it program OK card.

2006 Renault Scenic 2 button card, Scenic 3 made from 2010
Pulled pin in under a minute and programmed card in a minute. Pin automatic no need to type it in.

Tested all Renault in menu , last update resolve all bugs , very good tool for French cars ( including PSA )
Kangoo 2 ; key programming OK
Megane 2 ; card program OK
Twingo 2 ; key programming OK , remote control OK
Clio 3 ; key programming OK
Master 3 ; Key programming OK


Citroen c3 2008 read pin code and add key okay
Citroen c4 2010 add key okay

Citroen C4 2005 Fail read PIN code in French version ! But OK in English

Citroen Berlingo 2008year read pin code (type3)ok,add remote key ok! (It could read pin even Akl, tested.)

207 2010 add key okay
206 2007 add key okay

civic 2011 add key okay
civic 2007 add key okay

Honda civic 2002 id48 add key ok!

Honda hr 2015 add key okay

golf 2003 read add key okay
gol 2012 g5 add key okay
voyage 2009 add key okay
santana 2005 add key okay
parati 2007 add key okay
fox 2008 add key okay.

Vw Sharan 2003 add key ok
Vw golf4 2001 no pin code reading, program key ok.

Vw Passat 2004 read pin code ok program key ok!

make MQB key for skoda fabia 2016 with bad2

Audi Q7 2008 mileage correction – OK
done the job under menu 2009-2011 – waiting time around 20 minutes, must be patient

VW Polo 6R 2011 – black dash – mileage correction – OK


Audi TT 2001 read pin,add key and remote all ok

2007 Audi A4 2.0 TDi add remote 2 mins very good shows what slots are programmed and lets you pick slot 1-4 for new remote.
MVP failed

Golf 6 2010, copy thansponder OK, read immo data OK, make dealer key OK.

Golf 7 MQB key, add key with KC100: OK



seat altea 1.9 tdi 2008 add new remote (wich is programed by vvdi tool) succes!!
key adding nit tryed( don’t have pin pin read fail) new id48 copyed by silca rw4+.

Seat Leon 2000 year:
Read PIN: Reads Wrong Pin (vag tacho 5.0 read correct Pin)
Add Key: OK
Add Remote: OK
KLM adjustment: OK

Seat Leon 2003 year:
Read PIN: OK
Add Key: OK
Add Remote: OK
KLM adjustment: OK

Seat Leon 2004 year:
Read PIN: OK
Add Key: OK
Add Remote: OK
KLM adjustment: OK
All are using cluster VDO K-line


uno way 2013 dash ,, read pin code, make a dealer key , and add key is okay

Fiat uno 2007 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2 obd connection + pin code,,
Fiat palio fire economy 1.0 year 2010 key added by pad 2 ,, same as fiat uno
Fiat strada , 2009 and 2008 ,, same as uno and palio
all them imobox 1k59h,,

Fiat doblo 2003 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
Fiat siena 2001 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
Fiat palio wekend 2002 key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
all them same body computer ,, 93lc66 ,,
big motherboard and small motherboard

Kia sportage 2015/16 add key okay

x100 pad2 read pin code kia sorento 2016 OK


Fiat palio 2005 bc 1k79x
Fiat palio 2011 bc 1k79x
Fiat siena 2007 bc 1k79x
Fiat strada 2009 bc 1k79
all them added key okay by obd +pin code,, key prepared by zed bull + effi.

fiat gran siena 2014
key prepared by effi+upa+zed bull ,
and key added by pad2 by obd ,,
bcm 326 g .,

More at: https://blog.uobdii.com/xtool-x100-pad2-key-program-pin-code-read-feedback/

Xtool X100 PAD3:

Xtool latest key programmer X100 PAD3 is a professional tablet key programmer which not only provides customers with key programming, but also supplies advanced special functions including Key programming, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset, EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II engine diagnosis.


To be upgrading.