Launch X431 Pro Mini Review : Portable and Multi-Function

What is Launch X431 Pro Mini?

Launch X431 Pro Mini is Multi-function OBD2 diagnostic scan tool with a highly-portable, drop-tested and waterproof Android-based scan tool tablet with a 6.9″ ultra-high resolution IPS touchscreen and an eight-hour battery life; Full system diagnosis is through a Class-1 Bluetooth connector for optimum wireless connectivity, supports all electric controlling system of EFI vehicles with more than 150 car brands and 10000 models, also support EV, hybrid and gas vehicles. Launch X431 Pro Mini Also Support 20 reset service functions and Key FOB Porgramming.


Launch X431 Pro Mini User Reviews:

Good Value for the money,Works as advertised. I have used this X431 Pro mini on my personal car (BMW) and customers Benz and several other cars. Pretty fast and easy to use! Quickly find the problems on my car. This scan tool has bi-directional controls (activation testing) and reset functions.It comes with lots of obd1 obd2 adapters for connecting to a wide variety of cars. ALL in one box and it is good value for the money.This scan tool supports 2 years free update. It is pretty nice! Snap on and Autel only provide 1 year.Great scanner and Great Support. I highly recommend!

Unit is not a knock off. Legit item. Created an account and registered device easy. Unit boots up pretty quick. Download software and firmware updates no problem. I scanned both my Audi S8 and my BMW x3. It took longer to scan the Audi than the BMW but it found all the modules for both cars. I tested the dashboardand guages on the Audi and it worked fine. I reset transfer case adaptations on the BMW. Worked fine.So far so good.

I’ve used Launch X431 Pro Mini to diagnose a lot of mine and friends and family cars and so far its been very accurate at letting me know what the issues are on every vehicle. And the special functions help out alot when it come to newer model cars.

Reading X431 Pro Mini reviews I was worried about the problems users were having registratering the tool. Luckily for me registration was really smooth and simple. Will update with the good and the bad once I become familiar with the tool.

Launch X431 Pro Mini FAQs:

Q:How do you update software?
A:Hi ,this device is one-click update , You just need launch the APP , and click update .

Q: X431 pro mini can do injector test ?
A:Yes . Launch x431 pro mini support injector test.

Q:Does it support American, European and Asian motorcycle diagnostics?
A:launch x431 pro mini car diagnostic tool can not work on motorcycle