2020 Best Eeprom Programmer Reviews

Best EEPROM Programmers in 2020:

XProg-M 6.12 (Chinese version)
Orange5 plug v1.35
VVDI Prog V4.9.3
Iprog +
Hex Prog
UPA 1.3 Eprommer (Chinese version)
AK90+ 3.19 Updated

– Top 1. XProg-M V6.12

Look at China clone Xprog V6.12:

XPROG-M V5.74 Download, Suggestion and FAQs

New Xprog V6.12 adds 2 new authorization & 4 new adapters:

AUTH-0028-3 Renesas RL78

AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C)

best-eprommers-reviews-02 best-eprommers-reviews-03

Xprog 6.12 free download

Link 1:


Size: 508.9MB

Link 2: https://share.weiyun.com/5m5Vkw0

Password: fxo5qz

Xprog 6.12 installation:


Xprog V6.12 Full Chip List:


Scroll down and you will find it.

Xprog 6.12 reviews:

Xprog 6.12 Review 1.

Seen on Xprog 6.12 alone, this flies the certificate, as on the 584 version.

Editing epromprom solves the problem, but the dongle is connected with both software and FT232RL and if one thing is screwed up, then the repair will obviously not be cheap

Stick the proger and then the dongle and you will see the communication between them. Change RL and write down your crap with your native one and you will understand what I’m talking about. each RL has its id number

Xprog 6.12 Review 2.

I tested the xprog for a couple of days. In principle, it works, but slowly. Compared to J-Link and Renesas Flash Programmer. I also checked with mochi. With HC11E9 in the security board. 908AZ60 in the new adapter. 9S12DG128 from GBO Landirenzo, as a security guard. Broke off with 9S12XEQ384. When reading reports that there is a defense. Offers to erase or remove protection. When removing protection, it costs different times on the bypass of the security and falls out in the communication of terror. It didn’t work out for me, in general … There is still motya XEP100, but there is generally sadness – it does not see BDM. Most likely not alive. Renesas reads writes R7F701xxx. SPC56AP54 turned up on the non-CPC – also all in a bundle. Yeprom did not check, because muveton . You can take it. I did not understand the installation of software. So much “no way.” that you can go crazy. I have an autoprogram folder on drive D. Avast was told not to look in her direction. I dumped a folder with software into it. I started the regfile. I put the dongle and the progger into USB itself. Launched a program. I tried to call the help … Reinstalled reader 11. In the course there was 10. The Internet did not disconnect. It works so far. Does it make sense to make a copy of the FT232? In the user of an aria is what? I myself look, just now I remembered about its existence.

Dealt with the mots 9S12XEQ384 and 9S12XEP768. He got the last one today in MT22.1. She also did not want to break up. He lifted all his legs and it worked. After calculating that it was enough to raise only the reset. The first one was more interesting. I removed quartz from it. But in fact, it was necessary to remove the capacitor to ground. I would never have thought that he would be so hurt. You need to look at why the small amplitude at the outlet of the adapter. I do not like it. Moody technique – I want to work, I want to not work. Well, in general, actually all! Progger test passed!

Xprog 6.12 Review 3.

I bought myself a hprog 6.12. Not afraid of the Internet. It is not necessary to keep it on the desktop. I put it in the “Program Files” folder and sent a shortcut to the desktop. The program works. I read to them its industry sites 95020, 24s64 and 9S12DP512, which is in the Vagov tape recorder. I did not read the script from this chip, but I read both the flash and its industry. The sleeping KIA Sorento airbag unit with the MAC7242 processor did not succumb. I do not know why.

The programmer itself is made very high quality, complete with all the adapters from the old igroskog and one adapter with rounded corners from the already new version. A disk with a program, a jitag loop, a power adapter and very good quality usb lace.

Xprog 6.12 Review 4.

work perfect
cas 3 read ok
jcb tacho HC908LJ12 ok
Colt airbag hc12d64 ok

Xprog 6.12 Review 5.

I work on that 6.12 for two weeks. It doesn’t work on VM, but I installed in on 64bit Win 10, works properly, but this chinese adobe is not working. Still, Xprog is working like a charm, the only drawback is that I had to copy the connection diagrams and rename the files to have easy access, as without adobe there is no diagrams within the software.
So if opening pdfs manually is not a problem to You, than it’s a good tool.

Screen from version 6.12 of the kit:



– Top 2. Orange 5 plus v1.35



Orange 5 Plus V1.35, comes with one USB dongle, is tested working fine with added functions: airbag, car radio, immo pin, car mileage, motorbike mileage and mileage for MTRK etc…

Orange 5 Plus V1.35 added function list:

  1. Orange 5 Plus V1.35 AIRBAG menu:


  1. Orange 5 Plus V1.35 B-AIRBAG menu:


3.Orange 5 Plus V1.35 CARRADIO menu


4.Orange 5 Plus V1.35 immo PIN


  1. Orange 5 Plus V1.35 Car Mileage


  1. Orange 5 Plus V1.35 Motorbike Mileage


  1. Orange 5 Plus V1.35 mileage for MTRK


best-eprommers-reviews-06 best-eprommers-reviews-07


Orange5 Plus Software Licenses:

MTRK (Included in Orange-5 base)

TMS (Included in Orange-5 base)


Immo HPX 9V0


Free download Orange 5 Plus V1.35:


password: pmyy6g

Orange 5 Plus V1.35 driver installation:

– Language: English, Russian, Chinese

– Operation OS: XP Win7 /8

Orange 5 Plus V1.35 reviews:

2020 Orange 5 Plus V1.35 Review: adds Auth of SRS, Radio, IMMO, dash etc

A must have. You can’t avoid to get it if you want to do the car work seriously. Good for EEPROMs, MCUs, has a good Immo-content. This immo-part can be very helpful: in many cases you have only to solder some vires to the PCB, and you can read/write the needed content. Contains tons of pictures of immo-boxes, ECUs, and other PCBs; chip pinouts, and lots of useful information. The basic kit costs only €350, I suggest to pay a bit more, and buy all the needed connectors with the basic kit: SOIC8 DIP8, SOIC8 14 soldering, SSOP8, Lead with clips POMONA SOIC8 & DIP8, PQFP52 PQFP80, TMS374, 912 908 and 705E6 in-circuit leads, HC11ES and 05B6 WDT VW chip connectors (be getle with ’em, otherwise you have to buy a new one after 5-10 uses), ST62xx, 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64, all Motorola connectors. You will see how often do you use this connectors, and you can re-order the frequently needed ones.

– Top 3. VVDI Prog 

vvdi prog


VVDI Programmer Function:
Support R&W lots of chips, include MC9S08 series, MC68HC(9)12series,
MC9S12series, V850series, H8Xseries, R8Cseries, PCF79XXseries and
most eeprom chips etc .
Support chip data verify, checkblank function
Support data file compare function
Support R&W BMW N20, N55 ECU(show ISN directly)
Stable R&W MC9S12XE series chips(5M48H/1N35H/2M53J/3M25J etc.)
Support renew PCF79XX remote, currently support BMW E/F series (Please Note PCF79XX adapter is optional)
Lots of connection diagram

VVDI Prog Features:
1. Built-in update software: Make VVDIProg update timely.
2. High-speed USB communication interface: Make software automatically connect.
3. Smart operation mode: possible causes of error will be listed
4. Reserve ports: For future update.
5. Self-test function: Check if the machine works well or not.
6. Power supply: Through USB cable, software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed

VVDI Prog user manual:


VVDI Prog reviews:

1. One of the best eprommer what you can get (for moderate price). Mostly used for Beemer and Benz in our shop. Not too expensive, but easy 2 use. I bought it when we had difficulties with a Beemer and the problem was solved in no time. Has good pictures for in-circuit-use, and needs less connectors as the O5 for the daily use. A bit uncommon look, but you can find everything if you look with open eyes Free updates and compatibility with all other X-Horse product. With free shipping costs $400, thanks to its origin no clones are available.
Update: It f**kked away a ’08 W169 A class’s flash. Toke a lot of time to repair it. My dealer said that it can happen often @ Benzs. Maybe the only way to avoid data loss is to push the “Read ID” button first. If the identification is ok, then you have your chance (tested on a ’11 W245 B class). Other mistake was made by a CAS4 reading of this eprommer. Can’t tell ya more about this just readed about it.

2.I have a cloned Xprog and did work on FRM and cluster EEPROM. I can confirm that it has many troubles with reading EEproms correctly. Always need several reads until you get finally matching files. I flashed the firmware between v5.55 v5.51 and a 6.x version. The CAS eeprom reads were much more stable than the FRM reads for some reason. The good news is that the writes are almost always good.
But yes, you are in for a lot of pain with a cloned Xprog. Do the invest now for a better option to save you time and headaches in the future. Good tools are worth their money.

3.VVDI prog is the best balance between quality and price. Unless, you take 10$ for a standard job, then yes, it’s expensive.

4.Just buy VVDI Proand enjoy it.
P.S. Take software from server, run it and see what is supported.

5.I’m looking for VVDI PROG from xHorse and I like this tool, I think this tool is more better than XPROG and the original XPROG is around 850€ and original xHorse is around 430€

A friend of mine have used UPA and don’t like it because it is very limited comparated with XPROG.
I can repair FRM file I have specific software for this.

– Top 4. Iprog+


Iprog+ functions include:

airbag, dashboard, car radio, ecu, eeprom, immo, mcu. and more special functions like dpf off, MIL to KM, PINABS, PINCODE SMATRA3,PINCODE SENSOR SPEED LIMIT,ODO Adjust, Fujutsu, Microchip, Motorola, Motorola912EN, NECV850, BLR, CAN,CRC_Cript, ibutton, sd_unlocker, test etc.

Iprog+ Programmer eeprom: Read/write/erase eeprom


Iprog + test:

Iprog+ Iprog pro Clone Reviews Yes & No


Top 5. Microtronik HexTag Programmer


Microtronik HexTag Programmer with BDM functions (BMW CAS series, Porsche BCM, Audi/VW,…etc), Mileage EEPROM reset, Key reset, and more. Suitable for: Technician who needs to read and write flash data from/to different modules of multi brands.

HexTag Programmer ECU Cloning Function:

free for 90 days only. After 90 Days, ECU Cloning License will cost $1000, and $350 for annual update fee.

List of supported ECUs:


HexTag Programmer Functions:
Read cas4/4+ without removing any part from board with a guaranteed safe operation.
Repair corrupted EEPROM in CAS3+
Edit CAS3+ and CAS4 ISN and VIN and other parameters
Reset mileage for CAS
Repair FRM with one click
Support read/write other brands like Porsche BCM without removing any component, JLR KVM ECU, Audi/VW BCM, Mercedes Benz EZS and others.
Dashboard EEPROM M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ reset in few seconds.
Key Renew for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Renault…etc.
Engine control unit reading for tuning and cloning operation (will be added soon).
Live support for all functions in HexTag, users can reach our support team by Live Chat or Skype.

HexTag Programmer review:

Another eprommer, but another must have.
This one is a bit uncommon between the other ones what I have, because it is made for in-circuit readings, only the small spiders (8 legged ones) are those what you have to remove for programming. Someone told me, that the VVDI Prog can do the same, but believe me it can’t. Just check the lists, you can find the differences.
It has a good ECU clone/tune module, can program beemer keys, it has a key renewal function (and much more), and is cheap enough to have it on your desk: just 450 USD when you get it from the official webpage.

Top 6. UPA 1.3 ecu programmer

upa usb


STMicroelectronics ST62*:ST6240, ST6245, ST6249

NSC CR16*:

CR16HCS5(9), CR16MCS5(9), CR16MES5(9), CR16MFS5(9), CR16MCT5/9, CR16HCT5/9

Motorola HC05*:

MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC705B16, MC68HC05B32, MC68HC05E6, MC68HC705E6, MC68HC05H12, MC68HC05L28, MC68HC05P3, MC68HC705P3*,MC68HC05X16, MC68HC05X32

Motorola HC08*:

MC68HC08AS20, MC68HC08AS32, MC68HC08AS60, MC68HC08AZ32, MC68HC(9)08AZ32A, MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC908AZ60A

Motorola HC11*:

MC68HC11A1, MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11KA2, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KG4, MC68HC11KS2, MC68HC11KS8, MC68HC11L6, MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11PH8

Motorola HC12*:

MC68HC912B32, MC68HC912BE32, MC68HC912D60, MC68HC912D60A, MC68HC912DC128A, MC68HC912DG128, MC68HC912DG128A

Motorola HCS12*:

MC9S12D64, MC9S12A128, MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG256, MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256, MC9S12HZ64, MC9S12HZ128, MC9S12HZ256

Freescale (Motorola) HCS12X*:

MC9S12XD64, MC9S12XD128, MC9S12XDG128, MC9S12XDP384, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12XHZ256, MC9S12XHZ512

Freescale (Motorola) HCS12XE*:

MC9S12XEG128, MC9S12XET256, MC9S12XEQ384, MC9S12XEQ512, MC9S12XEP768, MC9S12XEP100

Atmel 8051 Architecture:

AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253

Atmel AVR 8-Bit Risk:

AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2323, AT90S2333, AT90S2343, AT90S4433, AT90S4434, AT90S8515, AT90S8535, ATmega8, ATmega16, ATmega161, ATmega162, ATmega163, ATmega323, ATmega64, ATmega103, ATmega128, ATtiny12, ATtiny15, ATtiny2313, ATmega8515, ATmega8535

Microchip PIC12:

PIC12F508, PIC12F509, PIC12F629, PIC12F675

Microchip PIC16:

PIC16F627(A), PIC16F628(A), PIC16F648A, PIC16F72, PIC16F73, PIC16F74, PIC16F76, PIC16F77, PIC16F818, PIC16F819, PIC16F83, PIC16F84(A), PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873(A), PIC16F874(A), PIC16F876(A), PIC16F877(A)


24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C65, 24C128, 24C256, 24C512, 85C72, 85C82, 85C92, BAW574252, GRM-003, GRM-004, GRM-005, KKZ-06F, MCM2814, PCA8581, PCF8581, PCF8582, PCF8594, PCF8598, PCF85102, PCF85116, SDA2516, SDA2526, SDA2546, X24C00, X24C01

EEPROMs Microwire:

7002, 93C06, 93C14, 93C46, 93C56, 93C57, 93C66, 93C76, 93C86, 93S46, 93S56, 93S66, GRN-001, GRO-002, KKZ-01, S220, S2914, ST61907, XLS93C46


M35080, 25C010, 25C020, 25C040, 25C080, 25C128, 25C160, 25C256, 25C320, 25C640, M25P05, M25P10, M25P20, M25P40, M25P80, ST95010, ST95020, ST95040, ST95080, ST95160, ST95320, ST95640, ST95P02, ST95P04, ST95P08, X5043, X5045

EEPROMs Miscellaneous:

CXK1011, CXK1012, CXK1013, M6M80011, M6M80021, M6M80041, SDE2506, TC89101, TC89102, 77005, 77007, BR9010, BR9020, BR9040, CAT64LC10, CAT64LC20, CAT64LC40, S-29190A, S-29290A ,S-29390A

How to setup UPA-USB Device Programmer:


UPA 1.3 reviews:
A must have tool. If you look around in the forums, you will always meet with it, because it knows a lot, and is damn cheap. I think it is a must have, because there are many chips listed in its database, what you can not read with Orange5 or VVDI Prog.

It has a better monitoring function as the usual ones (voltage, signal strength & everything else). I think it is easy to fall in love with it, if you can accept the missing extras: It won’t tell you which adapter to use like the O5 & VVDI does, but has such extras, what the others not: Oscilloscope function, live monitoring and so on. Works slower as the others, but the result is first class.
The price is around $70 with free shipping, and I think it is cheap enough to get one just for emergency purposes too.

Top 7. AK90+ Read eprom for BMW EWS


1. Read data dumps directly from MCU which marked 1D47J , 2D47J , 0D46J ,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board , easy to do yourself.
2. Renew, lock or unlock keys by AK90+ software.
3. Program original chips “EML 10030A”  for making keys .
4. Identify keys for all EWS and CAS , show VIN , key No. also change VIN and mileage in ews.
The lastest update software version is V3.16 for EWS4.4
AK90+ review:
Too cheap to not to have it if you have to deal with old BMWs. Excellent EWS tool, makes everyone happy: the customer can get a cheap remote key, and you can make fast profit. Has plug-on-chip connectors, what are doing its work perfectly if you remove the protecting resin from the chip pins. Does all EWS protocols, but be cautious it can delete the 2D47J content.
You can get AK90+ from $22 with free shipping.

Update: Since a half year or so it gives the next generation of the tool called ‘AK91(+)’ around $400. Just don’t spend your money on this, a lots of devices know the EWS 4.4 programming for a better price
Another extension is the X-Prog, R270 and AK90 adapter for EWS 4.3 & 4.4. Needs no soldering, no on-chip-reading, you have only to fasten the PCB in it, and you can read and write the datas. The price is approx $35 with free shipping – I think it is worth to get it for hobbits and pros too

Key cloning is one of the most important part of our job. My policy is “better cloned as programmed”, because a cloned chip works for sure; while you can have lots of unexpected errors when you try to add a new key.


Just depends on what you want to do, Orange 5, UPA usb, Xprog M, vvdi pro need all programmer in your shop for all car models.

On Programmers you cannot say I do VW and for this i buy this programmer
There are XXXX different eeproms and mcu´s and some programmers can read some of them for rest you need other programmers.