Iprog+ Iprog pro Clone Reviews Yes & No

During the past 3 months, more than 150 users purchased Iprog+ clone programmer. This article is available with customers reviews on what iprog clone works and doesn’t work.

Iprog+ clone review 1:  

Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone

isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-01 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-02 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-03


Iprog+ clone review 2:

I ordered one iprog clone, I can cofirm that Iprog+ clone is working perfect on these keys: to reset a used Smartkey of Subaru Impreza (renew, make virgin), it is a DENSO 14ACA Type.

Subaru Smartkey DENSO 14ACA-04


Iprog+ clone review 3:

Iprog clone masos for the drop of the car and the car box will be closed dpf egr evap car toyota and Lexus will make the car use the stand.

iprog-plus-clone-feedback-05 iprog-plus-clone-feedback-06 iprog-plus-clone-feedback-07 iprog-plus-clone-feedback-08 iprog-plus-clone-feedback-09


Iprog+ clone review 4:

My iprog+ clone can do good work.

Credits to one DK veteran.



Iprog+ clone review 5:

i have iprog Chinese clone and without problem clear all Toyota modules.


Iprog+ clone questions and answers:

Question: I have a 2010 GMC terrain , I purchased the car and it has 999999 on the dash board when I scanned it, GDS2 shows me it has 16.7 million miles , my question is I am trying to put the mileage back to original state of 257.000 KM car is Canadian  I am going to be using iprog+  is the info for it in the BCM or the cluster or Both.


BCM should be enough, but if the dash does not display new mileage you may need to do both. 24c16 in dash and BCM.

Good source of popular Iprog+ clone:


Iprog+ clone review 6:

Clearing of airbag ECU works though some parts is stuck in Russian.


Iprog+ clone review 7:

read pin code smartra3 hyundai h1 2012 bosh edc16–OK, Delphi not ok.
V.82 Ford Transit 2012 mileage correction OBD OK, by obd made this Ford.

Iprog+ clone review 8:

I have Iprog clone and i am really satisfied from it.
90% of dashboard and airbag calculations are good.
Today i was made Mazda Airbag unit trough OBD.
It was Infineon XC2361-56F.
Clear Crash
Clear errors
All trough OBD.


Review 9:

Greetings … I bought several clones … more than half excellent and I could modify the calculators and it is super good … but other things that I buy really do not comply with what they offer for the cost, since in terms of dash and fujitsu for my concept works excellent you just have to have certain tips with pleasure I will contribute a lot on the subject IPROG + clones.


Review 11:

I’ve managed to read eeproms with Iprog clone, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Use the Eeprom adapter, pin #1 is where the lever is.


Review 12:

The entire board is covered, and this was tested on bench and in car. iProg still works good. Only script that i tested that does not work is the Hyundai Mobis script.


Review 13:

Today I tried to read VW Caddy with 908az60 processor via OBD and Kline. Both didn’t work. I read it with Carprog for 3sec. trough Kline.

I read it and i wrote it with Carprog on Bench trough Kline.
The SRS unit was 6Q0 909 605 AH-5WK43351.
The correction of the file i made with AST


Review 14:

I bought iprog clone 4 months ago from china. After connecting to 12 volts, it burned. I bought another one to test what was wrong. Replace all SMD capacitors to 227 C and everything works and does not heat. The cause of burning OBD cable is also too small capacitor.

ip2 ip3 ip4


I connect my Iprog to 12 volts and it works. OBD cable also. in the photo I have marked the capacitors that should be replaced (the red marks ones have those that burn most often. those marked in green should be replaced with 22uf C or D capacitors, if you do not have smd capacitors, you can solder ordinary electrolytic capacitors. for example, figure 2 (how to replace 2 capacitors per one) in the OBD cable there is only one capacitor, it should also be replaced if it is 106 A or 477 A (A = 10 V) B = 12 V, C = 16 V. … 10 V and 12 V in the supply line is not enough for our precise Chinese power supplies Tolerance sometimes up to 15% especially those for half USD.

ip5 ip6


Review 15:

I just read and wrote this SRS Unit from a Volvo S80 with Iprog+.

It is P30798509 with Motorola 9S12XDT256.

Everything worked fine, but I had to lift Reset pin.

I read both Eеprom and Flash without any problems!



Review 16:

I read it with this adapter for Iprog+. When you choose to read MC9S12XDT256 from the menu, there is pinout!Only one different, that you need to lift RESET pin.
I connect only

ip8 ip9 ip10


Review 17:

This is my first iprog pro in the photo. Then I programmed it under 35 serial number.
He was still on two circuit boards.
In the photo, for example, I programmed serial number 35

ip11 ip12