iProg+ pro V82 free download, Win7 setup & IMMO, eeprom, Dash etc feedback

Iprog+ ECU Programmer updated to V82, this article is available with Iprog+ V82 free download link and win7 installation guide, test reports etc.

Iprog+ ECU Programmer is a powerful tool, can do :

1.Airbag: Airbag Read and erase crash to some cars, Read and erase DTC , Repair CFG.

2.Car functions: Car radio, DPF OFF, ECU, IMMO, Key, Mil to KM, PIN ABS, PIN Code Smartra 3, Pincode from the dump v1.0.3, Sensor, Speed Limit etc.

3.Clone dashboard functions: read km, write a new km on many cars.

4.Mcu: Read and write chips, Cover chips Atmel, Fujitsu and microchips, Motorola, Motorola 912EN, NEC v850

5.Others: BLR, CAN, CRC_Cript, Example, Ibutton, sd_unlocker, test…


iProg pro v72 Software download here:



How to Install Iprog pro V77 Software?


Iprog+ V76 ECU Programmer free download:


Password: no need

iProg pro v76 software installation video guide here:


iProg Pro V77 installation method is same as v76,you just check how to install v76 is enough for v77 installation.

iprog-pro-v77-1 iprog-pro-v77-2 iprog-pro-v77-3 iprog-pro-v77-4


Iprog+ V76 Win7 installation in 7 steps:

Open the CD, you will see:






View your computer is 32bit or 64bit.



So click on “7z1900-32bit”.

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-03 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-04


Copy ” iProg+_2019_00001″ and paste it on the desktop.


Right click on ” iProg+_2019_00001″, select “7-zip” to extract.



Have message “Device (iProg+) driver software was not successfully installed”.

Right click on “Computer” -> “Manage” -> “Device Manager”, right click on “iProg universal programmer” then select “Update Driver software”, select the second option.

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-06 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-07 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-08 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-09 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-10 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-11 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-12


Open the folder ” iProg+_2019_00001″, click on “iProgPro76”.



Come to iProg 76 menu.



Adapter test

1.iProg clone V76 Airbag

Read and erase crash to some cars

Read and erase DTC

Repair CFG

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-15 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-16


2.iProg clone Car functions incl. Car radio, DPF OFF, ECU, IMMO, Key, Mil to KM, PIN ABS, PIN Code Smartra 3, Pincode from the dump v1.0.3, Sensor, Speed Limit etc

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-17 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-18 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-19 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-20(01)


iProg+ V79 key copy for Toyota (ID 94, D4).



iProg+ V79 key prepare for Toyota ID67, ID97, D4.

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-20(02) iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-20(03)


iProg+ V79 key full functions:

Key Auto

Key Copy

Key Moto

Key prepare (Chery, Ford, Kawasaki, Lada, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota, VAG, Yamaha)

Key trucks

Key unlocker (Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Ladak)



Smart key new adapter:

Add key OBD2

Reset dump Smart -ID box

Reset Smart 128 Key

Reset Smart 40-80 key

Toyota 93c86 smart key DST128

Toyota 93c86 Smart key

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-20(05) iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-20(06)





Transponder list:


Try to click on “Hitag2”, then “pcf7936_eng.ipr”, then “Read all memory”.



3.iProg+ V76 clone dashboard functions (read km, write a new km on many cars).



Take “Toyota Avensis Denco 93c46.ipr mileage correction for example.

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-22(01) iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-22(02) iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-22(03) iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-22(04)


4.Read/write/erase eeprom

Take “93c46 import.ipr” for example.

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-23 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-23(01)


5.Mcu: Read and write chips, Cover chips Atmel, Fujitsu and microchips, Motorola, Motorola 912EN, NEC v850

iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-24 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-25 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-26 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-27 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-28 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-29 iprog-plus-v76-free-download-and-win7-installation-30


6.Others (BLR, CAN, CRC_Cript, Example, Ibutton, sd_unlocker, test…)