Renolink OBD2 Program A New Key for Renault Scenic 2 Phase 2

This mini post show the feedback on Renolink OBD2 program a new key for Renault Scenic 2 Phase 2.For more Renault key programming,please check here:Renault Key Programming


Car model: Renault Scenic 2 ph 2

Purpose: trying to program a second key card (virgin)



Renolink 1.49

Renault Scenic 2

Using DDT 4 ALL: Failed

can talk with the vehicle with my obdlink SX interface. But impossible to enter APV mode, it says : BAD ELM RESPONSE : WRONG RESPONSE CFC0 UNKNOWN.

=> You can’t use ddt4all to program a new key because the pin given by ddt4all is not right. You cannot access after sale mode and cannot add a key.


Using Renolink interface 1.49 from China: Succeed

I programmed few days ago a new key for my scenic 2 pH 2 using a Renolink interface 1.49, from China. You should first get the right pin then enter in after sale mode. Program all the keys and then validate.
You have to go to Misc/Key/ choose Uch scenic 2, then connect. If all is OK you can see and copy the pin.
Then return to the main soft and find the Uch ecu (uch_84_j84…) then go to after sale. Copy the pin in “code apv” and push “armer mode apres vente”. You can now program your keys.
For me it worked




Credits to one real user.