Iprog+ Iprog pro Clone Reviews Yes & No

November 11, 2019 uobdii 0

During the past 3 months, more than 150 users purchased Iprog+ clone programmer. After several weeks of follow-up, this article author collected 5 customer feedbacks, including one customer’s problem and solution. Many thanks to all genuine users.

carprog v8.21

Carprog full v8.21 Reset BMW Airbag

July 15, 2016 uobdii 0

BWM airbag sensor after car crash and airbag deployment can by locked (Control unit faulty) and must be replaced. Even after small accident Airbag sensor will write in…

Which ecu programmer is better

June 19, 2016 uobdii 0

Some users asked whats the best eeprom programmer in the market. In the following parts, uobd2.net senior engineer list some best-selling and good quality eeprom programmers.