OBDSTAR P50 Erased Renault 285550178R 95128 Crash Fault Code

There is crash fault code on a Renault 285550178R (Bosch 0285020584) 95128 Airbag ECU. Use OBDSTAR P50 to read the fault code and erase the crash & DTC on Bench perfectly.

What is required?

Operation guide:

Select Crash Reset>> Airbag Reset>> Airbag Reset V30.75 or above>> 2855501>> Renault 285550178R (Bosch 0285020584) 95128

Check the PINOUT diagram

B-Pin 23 12V (16)
B-Pin 26 GND (4+5)
B-Pin 33 CAN L (14)
B-Pin 32 CAN H (6)

Connect P50 and Renault airbag ECU properly according to the wiring diagram

Select Bench and P004 mode

Read ECU info: Read out the Part number, SN, VIN and crash recorded status (Yes)

Read DTC: Execution failed (22-conditional incorrect or request order error)


Erase crash first, and then erase DTC, all are successful

Read DTC again, there is no crash DTC now

Read ECU info again, the crash recorded status is No.

Renault 285550178R (Bosch 0285020584) 95128 Airbag ECU crash is cleared by OBDSTAR P50 successfully.