LAUNCH X431 PAD VII Review: One-Stop Solution For Repair Shop

Launch Tech Company Limited is currently the top-rated brand for cars and truck Diagnostics, Specialty tools, and Key Programming. Early this year, the company developed a new device called Launch Tech X-431 PAD VII. It supports online programming and has a new Smartlink C VCI that is faster, has no limitations for vehicle types, tools, or diagnostic functions.

Let’s see what makes this new tablet scanner the best in the market.

  1. Overview

The Launch Tech X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool is a developed automotive tech that has modifications from LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology. It has high-end diagnostic features without any limitation of functions; this new version features a 13.3 “IPS capacitive touch screen with a 1920 x 1080 dots resolution. It has an Octa-core of 2GHz processor, 8GB RAM, 32 service functions, and a Smartlink remote diagnosis. Additionally, the diagnostic tool has topology mapping and a new module, ‘MALL’, enabling users to upgrade it with diagnosis software. The Launch Tech is an Android OS (Version 9.0) tablet-style scanner that has offers the best OE-level diagnostics coverage with multi-task cable software. Further, it supports eight extended modules, including oscilloscope, video scope, TPMS tools, sensor box, battery tester, key immobilizer, and an ADAS calibration.

Launch X-431 PAD VII covers a wide range of car models coverage until 2021, whether gasoline cars or heavy-duty diesel trucks such as BMW, Benz, Audi, etc. It features powerful special functions and provides accurate results for tests. Similarly, it produces instant, fast, and precise diagnostic functions technicians need to diagnose, research and repair vehicles.

Moreover, the tool supports several languages covering all the car makes, has a TPMS service, and supports online coding and programming.

Before delving into a detailed review of this new Launch scanner, let’s see what is improved in Launch X431 PAD VII compared to its predecessors.

  1. Launch X431 PAD VII vs. Launch PAD V vs. Launch PAD III V2.0
Launch X431 PAD VII Launch PAD V Launch PAD III V2.0
Product Dimensions 353x236x71(mm) 320×211×46 (mm)


304.8×181.5×33.8 (mm)
Item Weight 14 kilograms 10.25119 kilograms 7.71107 kilograms
Screen Size 13.3 inch Capacitive touch screen 10.1 inch 10.1 inch
OBDII Diagnostics Full Full Full
System Diagnostics All systems All systems All systems
Advanced service functions (Special functions, reset functions) 32Special Functions by local diagnosis

More special functions are provided by Smartlink diagnosis.


26 Special Functions 21 Special Functions
Coding/ Programming Supports online coding and programming for vehicles without online accounts.

Advanced Key Programming with X-PROG 3

Advanced Key Programming with X-PROG 3 Advanced Key Programming with X-PROG 3
Vehicle Coverage Full system vehicle coverage for;

Passenger cars

Medium & Light-duty vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles(Optional)

Passenger cars

Medium & Light-duty vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles(Optional)

Passenger cars

Medium & Light duty vehicles

Heavy duty vehicles(Optional)

To learn more about older versions of this PAD VII, you can take a look at this detailed review about Launch scan tools.

Launch X431 PAD VII – Detailed Review:

  1. Superior Design and Hardware

Launch Tech X431 PAD VII is a high-end diagnostic development with superior hardware that is the fastest in Launch Tech’s developments. X-431 PAD VIII has a 13.3-inch capacitive touch screen with a very high resolution, thirty-two service functions, and a Smartlink remote diagnosis. The PAD makes diagnosis faster than the previous creations with an Android 9.0 operating system, a 2.0 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB ROM. Its outer cover is designed to comply with IP65, and it is both water and dust proof.

Further, Launch Tech X-431 PAD VII uses a high power battery with a high capacity of about 19,000 mAh, ensuring a short charging time while maintaining a longer life span. Moreover, its VCI can keep a stable and faster connection during diagnostics since X-431 PAD VII can improve the connection between the VCI and the scanner into a Dual Wifi connectivity.

Launch X431 Pad VII

  1. Full System Diagnostics

The new PAD has a full system diagnostics. It performs intelligent diagnostic enabling you to access the VIN information. With this feature, you are able to access the vehicle’s data quickly from the server without referring to the manual. However, if you are in an environment without a network connection, thus you cannot access intelligent diagnostics; you should not panic. The new PAD can read and clear DTCs and Reading Data Stream, enabling you to perform vehicle detection manually.

Moreover, the device enables you to observe the voltage conditions on time since it displays a real-time voltage. With this tablet scanner, you can obtain more information and assistance from shop repairs or remote technicians.

Through remote diagnosis, the PAD facilitates the repair of shops or mechanics to diagnose a remote vehicle and launch instant Safety & Accessory Initial Use Diagnostics FAQ & Appendix manual messages for users of the Launch Pad VII. This facilitates greater efficiency and quick repairs. However, that’s not all! The new PAD has made communication with the manufacturers even easier. It enables you to submit any diagnosis software problems or bugs to the manufacturer. The manufacturers, in turn, analyze the problem or conduct troubleshooting to offer assistance.


  1. Advanced Service Functions

Launch X431 PAD VII comes with 32 service functions. Some of these services include electronic throttle, DPF regeneration, service lamp reset, battery reset, and injector coding. The PAD also allows you to change your desired language, reset the AdBlue, access gearbox reset, sunroof initialization, and Nox sensor reset.

Further, with this tool, you could conduct an anti-theft key matching through an IMMO service. You can also perform Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration (optional) so long as you activate this function first and have the LAUNCH-specific ADAS calibration tool with you.

Finally, when you pair the device with the X431 TGSUN device, it enables you to activate information about tire pressure; you can program the tire pressure sensor and operate TPMS relearning functions. All these are made possible by the availability of TPMS service.

  1. Powerful Special Functions

In addition to the 32 service functions, Launch X431 PAD VII has powerful special functions, including Component Replacement, Injector Cut Out Test, Cylinder Compression Test, DPF Regeneration, Wabco & Allison Tech-to-Tech remote communication function, and ability to communicate with ABS and Transmissions from Bendix.


  1. Bi-directional control (Active Test), Coding and Programming

The PAD VII being a high-end scanner, does not just input information. It allows you to input commands, which send messages to the data bus while enabling you to read the data that comes from the device.

Similarly, it allows you to carry out various actuation tests in passenger cars, including fuel pump, EVAP test, EGR test, Pump and Valve tests, Idle Speed Adjustment, and so on.

On the other hand, in heavy-duty trucks, you can perform a Compression test, Injector volume commands, Injector programming, SCR commands, Rail high pressure test, Glow relay activation check, and Reset the DPF filter e.t.c.

launch pad 7

Launch X431 PAD VII also enables you to access advanced ECU coding and online coding. It allows you to access online coding, calibration, power balance, cylinder balance test, online parameterization, online account login service, component matching, and programmable module installation.

Additionally, the scanner supports online coding. Armed with the Launch X-PROG 3 device, which you buy separately, you will be enabled to conduct advanced key programming. X431 PAD VII also supports other extended modules such as Launch VSP-600 videoscope, oscilloscope, sensor box, Launch X431 TSGUN TPMS tool and bst360 battery tester. With these extended modules, X431 PAD VII can achieve more professional functions.

  1. Supported Protocols and Vehicle Coverage

Launch X-431 PAD VII supports automotive communication protocols CAN/CANFD/DoIP and automotive communication standards J2534/D_PDU/RP1210. Similarly, it supports five major OBD2 protocols which are ISO 14230 PWM, J1850 PWM, ISO 9141-2, J1850 VPW and CAN Bus.

Further, it supports passenger cars, medium and light duty vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles (optional). This covers the United States, Asia, and Europe markets, which consist of over one hundred and ten brans that are upgraded from time to time.

  1. Warranty

The warranty is against faults from materials or manufacturing for one year. Similarly, it is limited to purchasers aiming at normal business operations or resale.

  1. Software Update

Launch X-431 PAD VII comes with a free online update for one year after you purchase it. However, you are required to renew your subscription after the expiry of this period. The module enables you to update both the standard software updates for the diagnostic app and the frequently used software such as reset software.

  1. Marketed Users and Price

This tool is essential to most car owners since it enables them to diagnose their vehicles quickly. Similarly, professional mechanics/technicians can use Launch X-431 PAD VII in diagnosing and maintaining vehicles.

Since most wholesalers and retailers have this tool in stock, its price varies in various markets. However, it could be worth many dollars, as high as $5000.


Launch X-431 PAD VII is new and currently the best in the market. As opposed to its predecessors, it is faster and supports online programming and coding. Being a new version with a more incredible operating system and sufficient storage, it is more efficient. Similarly, it has a new Smartlink, which facilitates easier connection with technicians. This feature makes it free from limitations of vehicle types, tools, or diagnostic functions.

Further, the Launch comes with 32 service functions, which is an improvement from 26 in Launch PAD V. It also has eight extended modules, making its operation better. The Launch supports a wide vehicle coverage and is indeed favorable to any car owner or technician.

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