VVDI Prog and PCF79xx Adapter Unlocked BMW F Series Remote Key


BMW F Series (CAS4/FEM) remote key (ID HUF5661) is locked which has been identified with KEYDIY KD-X2 remote maker.


Use VVDI Prog and PCF79xx Adapter to unlock (renew) this remote key.

The steps:

Remove the PCB from the BMW CAS4/FEM remote key

Plug PCF79xx Adapter on VVDI Prog programmer

Connect PCF79xx Adapter and BMW CAS4 remote

Connect VVDI Prog to computer

Plug the power supply to VVDI Prog as well

Run VVDI Prog software

There are two options on the top right corner: Set Protect and Reset Protect

The software shows read data error after selecting BMW type, brand and chip to read data directly.

So need to reset Product to read data again.

Now read data successfully

Load the original EEPROM data to write in

Write success

Then also load EROM data from VVDI to write in

Operation is successful

After that, Set Product in the software interface

Initialization success

Then read the transponder via KD-X2 again

It’s unlocked now.