CGDI CG70 Repair Renault SRS 985105229R Success

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool is able to repair Renault SRS 985105229R by OBD. Clear the fault code one key! No Welding! No Disassembly!

1.Check wiring diagram

Make sure the CG70 software is V1.1.1.0 or above

Open the software, input 98510522 in the search box to quickly find Renault 985105229R

Click the picture icon on the top right side to check the diagram

Need to connect 12V, GND, CANH and CANL Line

2.Connect CG70 and Renault airbag ECU via the professional harness properly

3.Connect CG70 Airbag Reset Tool and computer via USB cable, and connect a 12V power supply

4.After connection, the software will show the device SN, hardware version, etc

5.Read DTC

Read out the error code is B12B5:97-09 CRASH EVENT Storage Full and Locked!

6.Click “Auto Repair” to clear the crash

Done! The Renault SRS 985105229R is repaired by CGDI CG70 successfully!