CG FC200 Read and Write BOSCH ME17.2 BMS-X TC1797 Success

CG FC200 Feedback:

BOSCH ME17.2 BMS-X TC1797 read and write DFLASH and PFLASH data ok

Modify VIN ok

Do checksum ok

Connection method:

Select BMW>> BOSCH ME17.2 BMS-X TC1797>> Platform

Check the wiring diagram and follow it to connect FC200 ECU Programmer and ECU via the Vehicle-grade wiring harness properly

Start to read and write data

Identify the ECU- OK

Read and save DFLASH data- OK

Modify VIN- OK

Save the DFLASH data again- OK

Write DFLASH data, select the DFLASH data just saved to write- OK

Read and save PFLASH data- OK

Open the PFLASH data just saved to verify and write- OK

CG FC200 ECU Programmer: