How to Correct Mileage for VW MQB48 5A R7F7014xx by CG100X?

Can CGDI CG100X correct mileage for VW MQB48 5A R7F7014xx dashboard successfully? Will there be a big risk? Will garbled characters or black screen appear after changing?

In fact, there’s always a risk to any tool modifying data or copying that you do, no matter what the device is. As long as you strictly follow the software instruction to operate, the risk can be minimized.

Here takes 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan L (dashboard No. 5NG 920 650C) as an example to show the mileage correction procedure.

01 Record the original mileage data

The original mileage value is 5000KM.

You can follow the Volkswagen MQB Power on interface diagram to start up the dashboard. CG100X EEPROM Adapter is required here.

02 Disassemble instrument

When we disassemble, we must pay attention not to warp the board inside, open the back cover needs to pull the dial wire, be careful.

03 Connect MQB48 5A dashboard and CG100X

Connect CG100X and a PC via USB cable

Run CG100X software

Select European car>> Volkswagen MQB>> R7F7014xx- Removal of capacitor way>> R7F701407 (Only support 5A dashboard)

Pay attention to the difference between 5C and 5A

Locate the chip on the board and determine its silkscreen

If it starts with “EM” on the silkscreen, it is a 5A meter.

If it starts with “PCJ” on the silkscreen, it is a 5C meter.

Note: Only 5A meters are supported, 5C meters are not supported currently.

CG100X D1 Adapter is required to repair the mileage, which makes the job safer, more stable and efficient.

Pay attention to the direction of the four corners of the D1 Adapter on the wiring diagram

Do not extend the wire harness of the D1 Adapter

Connect CGDI CG100X Programmer and dashboard via the Pro V2 Adapter properly, and supply power to CG100X as well

04 Correct mileage

Keep the network connection is normal

Click “Start Operation”

Read and save R7F7014xx chip data

Pay attention to the save path

During data decryption, do not interrupt the operation to avoid data loss.

Click “Modify mileage”

Confirm if the current value is the same as the dashboard

Fill in the target mileage that you want to modify (i.e. 65454 KM)

Wait a moment until the mileage is modified successfully.

Please kindly notice:

For mileage correction, CGDI CG100X software will automatically analyze the mileage data. If the error is too large or the mileage is invalid, please cancel the current operation and contact the CG Tech customer service for the first time. If there is no error or small error, then you can proceed to the next step, enter the new mileage value, click “OK”. You should know that the calculation of MQB requires the device to be within the service date and the computer to be connected with the internet, because the calculation needs to go to the server.

05 Install the dashboard back to car to verify

After the new mileage is written into the dashboard successfully, remove the D1 Adapter and CG100X Pro Adaptation Line, and install the dashboard back into the car to check if the mileage is correct. (Drive your car to check if need). Now the new mileage appears on the dashboard is the same as modified in the CG100X software (it’s 65454 KM).