CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Important Instruction

Here is an important instruction for CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool.

CGDI CG70 focuses on airbag repair for 10 years! It can read fault code, clear fault code with only one key. No need to open the cover! No welding wire! No need to disassemble the chip! Just connect the pin port!

1.CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Software Download (V1.1.1.1):

CGDI CG70 V1.1.2.0 Update on June 20th, 2024 (newest):

1.Added Audi BMS module repair function.

BMS module repair added the following models:

Audi 8R0915233 BMS D76F0192

Audi 8R0915591 BMS D76F0192

Audi 5C6915182A BMS D76F0192

Audi 5C6915182B BMS D76F0192

2.CGDI CG70 Package

The package needs to be smaller and lighter. The plastic suitcase is too expensive for shipping.

3.CGDI CG70 Vehicle Coverage

Download CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Car List

Please update CG70 software to V1.1.2.0 to check the newest car list.

4.CGDI CG70 Annual Fee

The Annual fee is free now, no need to care about the device service end date in the software.

If it shows “The current product has not yet been established”, just click “OK” and run the software normally.

5.CG70 and airbag ECU connection tips

1.Please place the airbag computer label face up on the workbench (as shown in the picture) before repairing.

2.After repairing, please leave it for a few minutes to wait for the capacitor to fully discharge before carrying out other operations.

6.CG70 is compatible with multiple diagranostic protocols

CAN protocol, K/L protocol, SWCAN protocol and J1850 protocol, compatible with different car models and airbag modules.

Terminal wires of different thickness

7.CG70 supports encrypted chip while CG100X cannot

8.CGDI CG70 and CGDI CG100X support different functions

CG Tech can add many types of diag only, but it seems it is useless, so they gave up. They will update more functions in the future.

1.CG70 can read out different size with CG100X Programmer, so the file cannot be mixed. If the data size is same, then you can try to mix it. The data read out by CGDI CG70 can be used to clear the crash manually.

2.If you see the airbag ECU model you want in the CG70 software shows “internal testing”, it means this airbag model is still tested.

9.CG70 supports lots of airbag PINOUT diagrams

It may have many Pinout for the same part number airbag models. You can try one by one.

10.If some car models still have crash after repair, they need to be dismantled for repair.

Use CG100 Prog III/CG100X to read out the data, and send the data to CG tech support to fix.

11.Some airbag ECU models require resistor 1KΩ

When you perform [Auto Repair] and [Clear Crash] functions, some airbag ECU models like Hyundai 95910-1R000, 1R050, 1R100, 1R150, 1R200, 1R210, 1R220, 1R250, 1R300, 1R350, 1R450, 1R550, etc need to connect a 1KΩ resistor to the airbag ECU according to the [ClearCrash_info] diagram.

12.Volvo XC90 TMS570

It becomes difficult for common programmers to reset it successfully since Volvo’s new airbag ECU stores collision memory after a vehicle accident, which makes the maintenance very troublesome. Common programmers will cause ECU internal U3000-xx unerasable fault.

13.TOYOTA Steering Angle Sensor

SAS Calibration:

You should turn the steering wheel to the left, then to the right, and then back to the center, calibration zero point steering angle position sensor on Toyota, Scion and Lexus (for part of cars).

14.Volve 48V lithium battery

It applies to the fault phenomenon of vehicle failure to charge or start after collision accidents.

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool: