How to Reset AITO R7F701A033 Airbag by OBDSTAR P50?

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool can reset (repair) AITO R7F701A033 airbag ECU by Bench without any issue. Make sure the network is normal. Sometimes, it may fail to erase crash using the standard Pinout. You need to read the data, and write all data via MP001. If it still fails, need to write All Data Auto Repair via MP001 programmer. Check the detailed guide below.


Menu function path:

Select Crash Reset>> AIRBAG RESET>> AIRBAG RESET V30.95>> rk01>> AITO 3658100-RK01 (BOSCH) R7F701A033

Wiring diagram:

A-Pin 16 12V (16)
A-Pin 17 GND (4+5)
A-Pin 32 CAN L (14)
A-Pin 31 CAN H (6)

When using this diagram, it can read the ECU info and DTC but fails to erase the crash.

Please kindly note:

The support range for AITO’s airbag ECUs extends up to the year 2023, with airbags from before

December 2020 is repairable through the BENCH mode. Practical tests reveal two repair cases for 2021-2022 airbags under the same part number: one involves merely unlocking the chip, while the other necessitates unlocking followed by additional data processing.

Use “Advanced function” to operate:

1.Read all data (BENCH)

2.Write all data (MP001) original data

Check the Pinout in this option

Open the cover of the airbag ECU and solder the wires according to the wiring diagram

Use MP001 Programmer and C4-01 to connect the wiring

After the connection is complete, proceed to write the original data just backed up

Writing is successful

Check the previous wiring diagram, and use P004 Adapter with the jumper to connect the airbag ECU again

If it still fails to erase the crash, select “Write All Data (MP001) Auto Repair” in the “Advanced function”.

Connect the wiring by OBDSTAR MP001 and C4-01 according to the diagram in this option

Then start to write all data auto repair

Writing is successful

Finally, use P004 Adapter with the jumper to connect the airbag ECU and P50 again.

Erase crash and DTC successfully.