CG100X V1.4.2.0 Update: Added 25 Dashboard/2 Read-Write

CGDI CG100X Programmer updated the newest software to V1.4.2.0 on March 15th, 2024.

Update details:

  1. Added 25 models to dashboard.
  2. Added 2 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.

KTM 390RC 2017-2021- 93C66

Besturn Besturn B30 EV400 2019- 24LC04

Honda Motor forsa 350 2022- 93C76

BYD AUTO Karry EV 2021- 25512(BCM)

BYD AUTO E9 2023- 24C16

DongFeng Dolika D6 2021- 93C66 (mileage+Fuel consumption)

DongFeng Fengxing F600 9S12HY64

Hanwo Tractor R5F10XXX

Haochi lntellingence Orange Shi electric van 24C32

Geely Geometry E 2022- 24C08

JMC JMMC 2020- 25LC1024

JieFang Golden bell 24C04

JieFang Dragon V X5043

KIA KX5 2019-MB91F061BS

KIA VQ 2011- 93C56

Victoria scooter 24C08

WuLing Zhengtu 2023- 24C16

YUEJIN CHAOYUE C300 2023- 24C04

ChangAn XinBao T3 PLUS 2023- R5F10DPXXX

ChangAn Xingka A12 2022- 24C64

Long hair Tractor 25640

CNHTC Shandeka 2022- 95640

CNHTC HOWO 2017- 9S12HY48 (mileage+Fuel consumption)

CNHTC hanjiang 9S12HY48

ZOOMLION 60 Digger 25640

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

Lixiang ONE 2020- 24C64 (Dashboard)+SPC560B64L7(BCM) (read write)

Citroen C6 2021- 95160 (Dashboard)+95128 (BCM (read write))

Update method:

Connect CG100X and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.