Launch X431 IMMO Plus Program and Delete BMW CAS3/CAS3+ Smart Key/Fob AKL

How to program or delete BMW CAS3/CAS3+ Smart Key/Fob AKL via Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite or X-Prog3 key programmer?

It requires you to connect the programmer and vehicle correctly, and make sure the network has been connected well.

Operation Guide:

Select [IMMO] function on the main menu

Select BMW>> BMW/MINI Immobilizer Software V10.01

BMW Vehicle Support List:

1 Series E87 2007.03-2013 CAS 3/ CAS 3+
3 Series E90/ E91 2004-2006.09 CAS 2
3 Series E92/ E93 2004-2013 CAS 3/ CAS 3+
3 Series E90/ E91 2006.09-2013 CAS 3/ CAS 3+
5 Series E60/ E61 2004-2005.09 CAS 2
5 Series E60/ E61 2006.09-2010 CAS 3/ CAS 3+
5 Series F07/ F10 2009-2017 CAS 4/ CAS 4+
5 Series F11 2010-2018 CAS 4/ CAS 4+
5 Series F18 2011-2018 CAS 4/ CAS 4+
6 Series E63/ E64 2003-2005.09 CAS 2
6 Series E63/ E64 2006.09-2010 CAS 3/ CAS 3+
6 Series F06/ F12/ F13 2011-2018 CAS 4/ CAS 4+
7 Series E65/ E66/ E67/ E68 2001-2005 CAS 1
7 Series E65/E66/E67/E68 2005-2008 CAS2
7 Series F01/F02/F03/F04 2007-2015 CAS4/ CAS 4+
X1 E84 2009-2015 CAS3/ CAS 3+
X3 F25 2009-2017 CAS4/ CAS 4+
X4 F26 2013-2018 CAS4/ CAS 4+
X5 E70 2006-2013 CAS3/ CAS 3+
X6 E71 2007-2014 CAS3/ CAS 3+
X6 E72 2008-2011 CAS3/ CAS 3+
Z4 E89 2009-2016 CAS3/ CAS 3+
MINI R55/R56/R57 2005-2015 CAS3/ CAS 3+
MINI R58/R59/R60/R61 2010-2018 CAS3/ CAS 3+

Connect X431 IMMO Plus/Elite and VCI connector via Bluetooth

Connect VCI and X431 X-prog3 to the vehicle via OBD cable at the same time

1.Generate BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++ Key All Keys Lost

Select Anti-Theft Key Matching>> Automatic Detection

Detect the current IMMO type is CAS3++

Click [Vehicle information], and confirm if it is correct

Click Key Operation>> Key Learning to generate a dealer key

Confirm the current CAS type is an encrypted version and all keys are lost

Reading RAM data…

Make sure there is no key in the ignition switch and go continue to read key data

Read key data successfully, and save it with a new file name

Backup key info successfully

Select an unknown key position (i.e. key 1) to generate by ignition switch

Select [Remote Key]

Put the key to be matched into the X431 X-Prog3 Programmer

Preprocess key successfully

Insert the key to be matched into the ignition switch to generate

Follow the prompt to generate the key until the vehicle can be started normally

The dealer key is generated successfully.

Return to the Function menu, and keep the vehicle start over 15 minutes and click [Synchronize DME] function no less than 10 times while starting the vehicle.

Path: Synchronize Operations>> Synchronize DME

2.Erase key with X431 IMMO Elite/IMMO Plus and X-Prog3

Back to Anti-Theft Key Matching main menu, select CAS3/CAS3+ IMMO>> MCU Operation>> 0M23S>> Display Connection Diagram

Connect to the ECU according to the wiring diagram

MCU V1 Adapter is required to connect with Launch X-prog3 key programmer

Then backup EEPROM data and backup FLASH data separately

Select one used key to erase (i.e.Key 1 just generated)

Erase the key successfully. The key 1 turns to unused status.