Xhorse Multi Prog Read and Write EEPROM and Microcontroller

Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer can work with VH13 Adapter to read and write EEPROM data, and work with Multi-Prog MCU Adapter to read and Microcontroller perfectly.

1.Multi Prog Read/Write EEPROM

Model: ATMEL AT17C128 (DIP8)- Confirmed

First, check the EEPROM model.

Next, use USB cable to connect Multi-Prog Programmer and computer.

Then, run Multi-prog software to check the device general info.

Path: Device>> Serial EEPROM&FLASH>> AT17>> AT17C128 (DIP8) (Atmel-> AT17xxx)>> Detail

It requires Xhorse VH13 Adapter to work with Multi Prog to read and write EEPROM.

Install the EEPROM chip aligned at the bottom of VH13 Interface Adapter Board on Xhorse Multi Prog, and ensure that the pin one is upward and then lock it.

After that, start to read EEPROM data. Detect all pins are normal and chip connection is successful, and read buffer EEPROM data successfully. Time takes 4s 972ms.

We can modify the data. Input the value you want quickly (i.e.11)

Click “Write”, and it starts erasing the buffer EEPROM data, and writing the new data.

Write chip data successfully. Time takes 8s 229ms.

Finally, read the data again, the EEPROM data has been modified successfully.

2.Multi-Prog Read/Write Microcontroller

Model: ATMEGA32- Confirmed

Make sure Multi-Prog Programmer is connected to computer via USB cable normally

Run Multi-prog software, select Device>> ALL>> ATMEGA32>> ATMEGA32 (Atmel->ATMEGA)

Check the device general info, it needs Multi Prog MCU Adapter.

Check the connection diagram, and follow it to connect Xhorse Multi Prog Programmer and Microcontroller by MCU Adapter

Make sure the connection is correct, and start to read EEPROM, FLASH and CONFIG in sequence.

All are successful.

Read EEPROM: takes 2s 343ms

Read Flash: takes 13s 225ms

Read CONFIG: takes 1s 903ms

Modify EEPROM data successfully, takes 2s 838ms.

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