TESLA R7F701064 Airbag Reset by OBDSTAR P50 on Bench

Have a TESLA R7F701064 airbag ECU, it has a crash problem. Use OBDSTAR P50 to read the DTC “Crash Event Storage Full and Locked”, and then erase crash and DTC on bench successfully.


Use OBDSTAR P004 Adapter & Jumper, main cable and 12V charger to work with P50.

Make sure the internet connection is normal when performing the airbag reset function.

2.Operation steps

Select Airbag Reset>> AIRBAG RESET>> AIRBAG RESET V30.75 (newest)

Check the part number on the back of TESLA airbag ECU

Input the corresponding part number in the search box to quickly obtain the Tesla model

It’s TESLA 1512876-00-B (BOSCH 0285015427) R7F701064.

Check the Pinout diagram

A-Pin 40 12V (16)
B-Pin 55 GND (4+5)
B-Pin 53 CAN L (14)
B-Pin 54 CAN H (6)

Only 4 wires need to be connected, including 12V cable, GND cable, CAN L, and CAN H cables.

Use OBDSTAR P004 Jumper to connect P004 Adapter and ECU according to the diagram, and use the main cable to connect OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool, and then supply 12V power supply to the P004 Adapter

Turn on the switch button of P004 Adapter

After connection, click “Start”, and select “BENCH”, “P004”

First read the ECU info, check if the part number read out is the same as airbag ECU

Next read DTC, read out the crash DTC

Then erase crash and DTC in sequence

*If you directly erase DTC, it will show failure info.

Finally, read DTC again, there is no crash DTC now.

OBDSTAR P50 reset TESLA R7F701064 airbag successfully!


OBDSTAR P50 Airbag ECU Support List for Tesla (newest)

Brand Part Number ECU Manufacture Memory Method Ecu Info. Read DTC Erase DTC Erase Crash
TESLA 1005273-00-E DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1005273-00-F DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1005273-00-G DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1018781-00-A DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1018781-00-B DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1018781-00-D DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1018781-00-F DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1031643-00-A DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1031643-00-B DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1032224-00-A DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1032224-00-B DELPHI 95320 BENCH
TESLA 1036767-00-A/0285012693 BOSCH 95640 BENCH
TESLA 1095757-00-B/0285014174 BOSCH 95640 BENCH
TESLA 1095757-00-C/0285014176 BOSCH 95640 BENCH
TESLA 1473446-00-B BOSCH R7F701064 BENCH
TESLA 1473446-00-C/0285015361 BOSCH R7F701064 BENCH
TESLA 1512876-00-A/0285015482 BOSCH R7F701064 BENCH
TESLA 1512876-00-B/0285015427 BOSCH R7F701064 BENCH
TESLA 1512876-00-D (DIAG ONLY) BOSCH R7F701330 BENCH  
TESLA 1512876-00-E (DIAG ONLY) BOSCH R7F701330 BENCH