TOPDON ArtiDiag900 BT Reviews

What is TOPDON AD900BT?

TOPDON ArtiDiag900 BT is lastest all system diagnostic tool, which released in 2023. TOPDON AD900BT is with 28 advanced service functions at your disposal, rest assured that you are equipped to make a car roadworthy. Including bi-directional control, Auto VIN, ECU code online, Oil Reset, ABS Bleed, EPB Service, SAS, DPF, BMS, Throttle Reset, Injector Code, Headlights, Transmission, A/F, and more! Keep Your Diagnostic Process Smoother. For more special functions, refer to the special function menu in a specific system.



As car prices are getting more outrageous, I’m doing more service to my cars so I can keep them longer. I was at the point where I wanted more than my $100 scanner could do. From watching Youtube videos, I decided I needed a Bi-Directional scanner so I can do more in-depth monitoring of my cars and more complex diagnosing. I watched many videos and saw the name Topdon and started looking at this AD900bt. It’s a midrange scanner and exceeds what I need know but I know I will grow into it. One thing I wanted was a scanner that did in depth transmission diagnosis. These screen shots are from a 2017 Traverse and wow does it have a lot of modules this scanner can talk too. Another thing I recommend is get used to the menu system as I would find a test and then later not remember where I found it. The screen shots above show the path to get to the features I need. I see long term fuel trim is off a little and I need to investigate that. Maybe the air cleaner is dirty or worse and a rodent may have made a nest in the airbox and is messing up the fuel trim. The blutooth wireless connected quickly with the scanner and worked flawlessly. There is lots more to learn about this and I watched the Topdon Youtube video on the many features which helps me see the power of this unit. This unit feels well put together and not cheaply made. The only thing I see missing is a kickstand in the back to stand the unit up. You will be impressed with this unit.
I started with the Autel Maxi200 Bluetooth diagnostics tool, and it was serving my needs pretty well for the most part until my Jeep needed both a Cam sensor and Crank Sensor replaced. After researching a bit, the ArtiDiag900BT had the exact service function I needed and a few more useful features that I could see myself using with other projects. I replaced the sensors, then it took less than a minute to perform the sensor relearn. The speed of this machine is insane, it reads the system information in seconds, the UI is very simplistic, easy to learn, and designed well. After browsing through the system menus more, you really learn the advanced capabilities this machine does that’s hidden behind a few safety prompts. It has updates daily for vehicle programs, and the system remains stable with no change to performance or speed swiping through any of the menus. Overall this is a product I would purchase over, and have already began recommending it to all my mechanic friends and family.