CG100X V1.5.2.0 Update and Download

CG100X V1.5.2.0 update on June 1st, 2024. Added more models to dashboard, airbag, body repair and dashboard read-write.

Update Info:

  1. Added 7 server repair vehicle models to dashboard.(For CG100X)
  2. Added 16 models to dashboard.(Great Wall VV5 MB91F594BSis for CG100X, not CG100)
  3. Added 9 models to airbag.(For CG100X and CG100)
  4. Added 1 model to Body repair.(For CG100X and CG100)
  5. Added 5 models to read-write.(For CG100X and CG100)

The following server repair models have been added to the dashboard.

Trumpchi AIANs R7F7016033+95320 (5BBD)

Trumpchi EA6 R7F7016033+ 95320

Trumpchi IA5 R7F7016033+ 95320

Geely Boyue PRO R7F7016033+95320

Geely Xinrui R7F701603

LYNK&CO LYNK 06 R7F701603

Great Wall Harvard F7 R7F701603

The following models are added for dashboard.

BAIC BJ90 95640

Honda FREED 93C76

DongFeng Yufeng EM27L 2023- 24C08

FOTON Tunland S 2014- 24C64 V2

Trumpchi Hechuang 24C16

United car New energy 24C04

Huaichailanqing New energy qingka 2023- 24C08

Kubota Tractor 93C46 (times)

jiufu Rice transplanter 9S12HY64 (times)

LEVDEO Haiquan R5F10xxx

lexus IS300 2009- 93C56(RA57)

Roewe EI5 95160 (Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

ruiyi Electric car MPC5606S

wenjie M5 24C32

WuLing RS-5 24C02

Great Wall VV5 MB91F594BS

The following models are added for airbag.

PORSCHE 991.618.201.10 95640

Honda 77960-TZR-H610-M1 TC234

BYD AUTO EKEA-3658100B Step Two SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO EKEA-3658100B Step One95128

Toyota 89170-0R420 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-07541 TC234

Haima CP4G0047I1D00900 R7F701008

Geely 8893015214 R7F701010

WuLing 8320139 R7F701A033

The following models are added for Body repair.

Volkswagen ME7.5.20/ME7.5 95040 Cancel Anti-theft

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

DongFeng Fengshen Yixuan 2022- 24C16 (read write)

Ford Escort 2019- 93C66 (read write)

HOWO Haowo tongshuai 2023- CAT1023 (read write)

Cadillac 13529208TE TC233-16F (read write)

Xiao Peng 6590001DC1 SPC560P34L1 (read write)