OBDSTAR VAG PRO AUDI Diagnostic function List

OBDSTAR VAG-PRO key programmer is the hand held Car Matching for Vag vehicle:VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT, main function: Car diagnostic function, immobilizer programming, Oil / Service light reset,EPB reset, remote transponder programming, Airbag Reset…


Here UOBD2 Enginner share AUDI Diagnostic function detail

Click==>OBDSTAR VAG-PRO not only with basic diagnosis but special functions

Diagnostic function
01 Engine
09 Central control
17 Dashboard
25 Immobiliser
35 Central lock
46 Central comfort module
02 Transmission Electronics
03 Brake Electronics
15 Airbags
08 AC/Heating Electronics
56 Radio
19 Gateway Data Bus
45 Interior Monitoring
16 Steering Wheel Electronics
22 4WD Electronics
37 Navigation
11 Engine Electronics 2
21 Engine Electronics 3
47 Soundsystem
12 Clutch Electronics
34 Self Leveling Suspension
44 Steering Assistance
14 Wheel Damping Electronics
18 Aux Heating
13 Distance Control
26 Electric Roof Control
29 Left Light Control
39 Right Light Control
49 Auto. Lighting Switch
51 Electric Drive
61 Battery Control
75 Emergency Call Module
76 Parking Aid
24 Drive Slip Control
36 Driver`s Side Seat Adj.
41 Diesel Pump Electronics
55 Headlight Range Control
65 Tyre Pressure Monitoring
66 Seat-/Mirror Adjust.
71 Battery Charger
42 Driver-door Elect.
52 Passe. Door Elect.
62 LR-Door Electroni.
72 RR-Door Electroni.
23 Braker Booster
43 Braker Boost.Assi.
63 Drvs Boarding Ass1
73 Drvs Boarding Ass2
54 Rear Spoiler
05 Access & Permissi.
06 Passeng. Seat Adj.
07 Display-/Cntl Unit
27 Dis./Ctl Unit Rear
57 TV-Tuner
67 Voice Control
77 Telephone
38 Roof Electronics
48 Drvs Seat Adj.Rear
68 Wiper Electronics
78 Sliding Door
59 Towing Protection
69 Trailer Function
28 Climate Control Unit Rear
31 Engine Electronics Conjunct.
32 Locking Electronisc
53 Parking Brake
58 Auxiliary Fuel Tank
64 Stabilizers
1C Vehicle Position Detection
2D Voice Amplification
3D Special Function
6E Roof Display/Control Head
7E Ind.Unit in Inst.Panel Ins.
0D Sliding Door Left
7D Auxiliary Heater
0F Radio Tuner-Digital
1F Radio Satellite
2F TV Tuner-Digital
1D Driver Identification
0E Media Player Position 1
1E Media Player Position 2
2E Media Player Position 3
3E Media Player Position 4
4E Control Head RR
5E Control Head LR
4F Electronic Central Electric II
04 Steering Position
74 Vehicle Control System
3C Lane Departure Assistance System
4C Tyre Pressure Monitor II
5C Lane Keeping Assistance System
6C Rear Camera
5D Opertion
6D Electronic Equipment of Trunk Lid
0B Auxiliary Air Heater
5F Information Electronic Equipment 1
6F Confort Central Control Unit II
1B Power-Assisted Steering
10 Parking Assist System 2
20 High Beam Assistance Device
30 Special Function 2
7F Information Electronic Equipment 2
2B Steer Col Lock
3B Sensor Elect.
85 On Board Cam.
89 Multicont. Seat Pass.
8B Adaptive Cruise 2
8E Image Processing
8F Pretens. Frt Left
90 Pretens. Frt Right
82 Heads Up Display
4B Multifunction Module
5B Seat Adjustment Rear Passenger Side
6B Aerodynamics Control Module
A5 Frt Sens.Drv.Assist
A6 Microphone
A7 Radio
A9 Struct.Borne Sound
AC Reductant Control
AD Brake Sensors
B7 Access Start Interf
B8 Elect.Roof 2
B9 Aux.Display
BA Motor Mounts
BB Door Rear Drv Side
BC Door Rear Pass Side
BD Hi Vlot. Batt. Charger
BE Sliding Door Left
BF Sliding Door Right
C0 Act. For Ext. Noise
C6 Batt. Chrg
C7 Pedestrian Protec.
Read security code
17 Dashboard
A4 RB8 2006-2007
25 Immobiliser
01 Engine
Program keys
17 Dashboard
25 Immobiliser
Program remote
35 Central lock(KWP1281)
46 Central comfort module(KWP1281)