Alientech Kess3 Update SUZUKI Denso 33910-79JX/57KX Clone on Bench

Alientech Kess 3 released a new upgrade on April 17th, 2024. Now it can read and write SUZUKI Denso 33910-79JX/57KX and SUBARU Denso 112731-5040 ECUs.

Update Info:

Enhance performance, repair, or reduce fuel consumption with the two new protocols now available on KESS3 to intervene on bench with maximum effectiveness. Read, write, and clone directly from the ECU connector of the Denso 112731-5040 and Denso 33910-79JX/57KX ECUs equipped on the most popular models of the Subaru and Suzuki range.

Focus on the new ECUs:

  • Denso 112731-5040
  • Denso 33910-79JX/57KX

Achieve maximum potential in reprogramming, without risking damage the ECU, thanks to KESS3’s bench mode, which offers quick and secure service to your clientele.

  • Denso 112731-5040



RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Forester 2.5i CVT Petrol 127 kW
Legacy 2.5i CVT Petrol 127 kW
Outback 2.5i CVT Petrol 127 kW
  • Denso 33910-79JX/57KX



RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Grand Vitara 1.6 16v VVT 5MT Petrol 78 kW
Grand Vitara 2.0 16v 5MT Petrol 103 kW
Swift 1.5 Petrol 75 kW
Swift Sport 1.6 16v VVT Petrol 92 kW
SX4 1.5 VVT Petrol 73 kW
SX4 1.5 VVT Petrol 82 kW
SX4 1.6 VVT Petrol 79 kW
SX4 1.6 VVT Petrol 88 kW
SX4 2.0 VVT Petrol 105 kW

Expand your customer portfolio and activate Alientech Kess3 CAR – BENCH/BOOT protocols to intervene immediately on the new supported vehicles.