CG FC200 with MPC5XX Adapter Clone MED 9.5.10 ECU on Bench

Have two Volkswagen MED 9.5.10 ECUs. The original one is Bosch 0261S02138, and the new one is Bosch 0261S02007. Use CG FC200 ECU Programmer with MPC5XX Adapter to read both data, and write the original ECU data into the new ECU on bench perfectly. No need to disassemble ECU cover using K- line!

Let’s see how to clone MED 9.5.10 with CG FC200.

1.Back up original ECU data

Connect FC200 Programmer and a PC

Run CG FC200 software

Select Volkswagen (VW), and input the original ECU Bosch number-0261S02138 to quickly find out the ECU model is BOSCH MED 9.5.10 MPC561/2

Check the wiring diagram

Follow the diagram to connect CG FC200 MPC5XX Adapter and the original ECU via Jumper, and connect MPC5XX Adapter to FC200, and connect with a power supply as well

Connect ECU and identify the ECU chip successfully

Read ExtEEPROM and save the data

Read ExtFLASH and save the data

2.Write original ECU data to the new ECU

Connect CG FC200 with MPC5XX Adapter to the new MED 9.5.10 ECU correctly

Use the same step above to identify ECU and back up the new ECU data

Select the ExtEEPROM and ExtFLASH data of the original ECU to write into the new one separately

VW MED 9.5.10 ECU was cloned by CG FC200 Programmer and MPC5XX Adapter successfully.