Free Download Toyota Techstream V16.20.023 (no need key)

Toyota Techstream V16.20.023 (08/2021) is verified working with no problem with mini vci cable , VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota Wifi version and VXDIAG VCX Nano Toyota USB version), Toyota OTC 2 etc.


Crack Toyota Techstream V16.20.023 free download:

Step 1. download Driver MVCI for x64 OS – Link:

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1) the patch for VXDIAG Nano:

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What is Techstream?

Techstream is the replacement for diagnostic tester. It combines the functionality of TIS and scantool in a single portable device. With TIS techstream, technicians can simultaneously view / analyze on-board vehicle data, review relevant TIS service documents, and reprogram vehicles from the driver’s seat via wireless connection to TIS.

Toyota TIS Techstream V16.20.023 Install Guide:

Crack Techstream 16.20.023 Win10 64bit installation guide:

Open Techstream_Setup_V16.20.023 to setup.

Install .NET Framework 4.7.2




Open the folder of “Driver” to install MVCI MultiDriver X64.




Update driver software.


Operation: right click on “This PC” and then “Manage”, then “Device Manager”, then ” M-VCI”, then “Update Driver Software”, the “Browse my computer for driver software”, click on “Next” and then “Close” when you see “Windows has successfully updated your driver software”.




Right click on “USB Serial Port” and then “Update Driver Software”.




  1. Crack Techstream 16.20.023 software using “Techstream Patch 64bit”.


Copy “Techstream Patch 64bit” from the folder;


Open “Techstream Configuration (S822-04)”, select the Area “Other” and then “Next”, then “English”.


Input dealer name / code / phone / Country, and then click on “OK”.



Open Techstream 16.20.023 software.


It pops up “Register Techstream Software”, click on “Cancel”.



Click on “Setup” and then “VIM Select”, then “Interface setup” as “MVCI X64”.



Copy “Techstream Patch 64bit” onto the desktop, and then open it, it will pop up “Initializing USB Communication”.


Then connect Mini VCI / VXDIAG Nano to the vehicle and it pops up “Connecting to vehicle”.



  1. Ready to use Techstream 16.20.023 to diagnose Toyota vehicle, have diagnostic codes and data list etc. You can enjoy what Techstream 16.20.023 can do for you next.