How to Enable CGDI BMW Function:ISTA,E_sys, EasyConnect

Since CGDI BMW 3.0.1, it adds ICOM function for BMW diagnosis and programming. This post is available with how to use CGDI BMW ICOM functions including using tips, EasyConnect connection, ISTA connection, E_sys connection etc.

Note:This CGDI BMW ICOM function need authorization.It cost $66!



CGDI BMW version: 3.0.1

OS: Win 7 8 10 (XP not work)

It’s a paid update, the cost is 66usd.


CGDI BMW ICOM using tips:

Tip 1. It’s usage is the similar to that of an ICOM device, and it can completely replace the ICOM device to perform the required operations.

Tip 2. It is recommended to install CGDI and BMW original software on the same computer. Please remember, XP not work.

Tip 3. Exit the ” ICOM function” and open again, whenever there is a connection problem.

Tip 4. There are two ways to connect the ICOM function.

1st method: Install the CGDI software and the original BMW software on asingle computer. Connect the CGDI device to the car and the computer, open the ICOM function, and use the similar connection method as BMW ICOM.

2nd method: the original software and CGDI software are installed on different computers. To use the ICOM function, you need to close the CGDI computer firewall and connect the two computers to the same LAN or WiFi. Connect the CGDI BMW device to the car.

The 1st method is the best.

Tip 5. When “Registration failed” or the connection is abnormal, please exit the interface and reopen it. It is normal to have a stuck when exiting.


How to register ICOM function successfully?

Every time ICOM function is turned on, it may pop up whether to run slpd.exe. If it pops up, click “Yes” and it’s normal if it doesn’t pop up the prompt. Otherwise, the registration failure prompt will appear, and this function will not work properly.

As shown in the following figure, when the message “Registered successfully·······” appears after the ICOM function is turned on, it indicates that the function is ready and can be used normally. The connection method is basically the same as the connection of the ICOM device.

use-cgdi-bmw-icom-function-01 use-cgdi-bmw-icom-function-02


How does CGDI BMW connect EasyConnect?

  1. Choose by following the bellow images, the IP address bar has two connections.

The first one: if CGDI software and EasyConnect are installed on the same computer, for example, the local IP is, then the IP input local return address 127.0. 0.1.


The second one: If not installed on the same computer, you need to enter the IP address of the computer where the CGDI software is installed, for example the IP address of the computer installed with the CGDI software is, enter the IP address and connect.



Image 1: The first connection method



Image 2: The second connection method



How does CGDI BMW connect ISTA?



Please wait a while until the following interface appear. If it is an E series model, as shown below, only the connection method above the red frame will appear. Double-click “Connection”. If it is an F series model, it will appear two connection methods shown as below. You are advised to connect the one with the VIN number. If it doesn’t appear VIN number, please turn off the ICOM function, re-open the function, and then perform the previous step.



The following picture is about reading auto information successfully:



Note: When the ISTA software has not appeared information for a long time and an error message appears, but the data is sent and received on the interface, it may be caused by network problems. You need to exit the ICOM function and connect to a better network (such as connecting to a mobile phone hotspot). Then reopen the ICOM function.



How does CGDI BMW connect E_sys?

Connect by following the below image. ICOM/D IP is as the same as the computer IP address with CGDI BMW software installed. And the Port number is 6801 (can’t change).

For example, the local IP address is, so you have to reset the ICOM/D IP as tcp://



The below image shows “Established connection successfully”, sometimes it won’t display.



If the connection has ERROR, as shown below, please close the ICOM function, disconnect the E_sys connection, reopen the ICOM function, and restart the above connection.