2020 Orange 5 Plus V1.35 Review: adds Auth of SRS, Radio, IMMO, dash etc

2020 Orange 5 Plus V1.35 is verified working fine with added Authorization of airbag, car radio, immo pin, car mileage, motorbike mileage and mileage for MTRK etc…

It comes with one USB dongle (which will be easier and safer to use). Its software version is V1.35.

Attach Orange 5 plus V1.35 full package:

Orange 5 plus V1.35 vs Orange 5 V1.34 in the software authorization:

***The left is Orange 5 V1.34 and the right is Orange 5 plus V1.35

In details:




Orange 5 plus Programmer Software License:
MTRK (Included in Orange-5 base)
TMS (Included in Orange-5 base)
Immo HPX 9V0

How to install Orange 5 plus 1.35 driver on Win7:

– Language: English, Russian, Chinese

– Operation OS: XP Win7 /8

– Installation: driver needs to be installed, the software doesn’t need to be installed.


Insert the CD to a computer with Win7 OS;

Copy the “Orange5_1.35” to the local disk (C:);

After finishing coping, connect the USB cable of orange 5C to the computer, and you will see “Device driver software was not successfully installed”.

Computer -> Computer Management -> Device Manager -> Update Driver software of Orange 5 USB;

Browse my computer for driver software;

C: \ Orange 5_1.35 \Driver.

Install this driver software anyway.

Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

Insert USB dongle.

Then you see Device driver software installed successfully.

Back to “Orange5_1.35” and open “English_orange”, then to use.