W211 HC12 EIS Reading with VVDI Prog, Xprog, R270, AK500 etc

Reviews on W211 HC12 EIS Reading with VVDI Pro, xprog, R260, r270, ak500.

Review 1:

Have w211 HC12 EIS 211 545 10 08 (I guess 3K91D). VVDI Prog manual say use cable V3 but on picture with connection there is V1 cable (it tell to use V2 or modify V1).

So which cable do I need to use? After I’ve seen that, I decided to first try with R260 blue clone but it keeps linking and can’t communicate with MCU.

I’m gonna try with VVDI but need be 100% sure which cable to use, in order to avoid (or minimalize) risk with that tricky 3k91d.

I have xprog also which I used once in the past with this mask and all good (auto verify OFF) but seen multiple opinions that xprog damage them also:

OK I tried with MCU Reflash V3 cable (VVDI Prog), communication OK, reading completed but file filled with zeros. (Thanks to one user who shared his experience and tips: I read and write some time with success when you first read EEPROM all is zero so the first read FLASH then read EEPROM.)

Chief Xhorse engineer’s guide:

There is a new adjustment v3 for mcu cable.

Try with 12v adapter to vvdi pro

Choose correct EIS type

MCU reflash cable v2 modified to v3:


So I tried my Xprog 5.0 clone and voila, read successful, keys generated and EIS is working with new keys

UPDATE 2: Blue R260 clone also read this MCU no problem but with some software trick.

Review 2.

I’ve failed too and report sometime ago with vvdi pro. W209 with 1L85D, read write fine with Xprog 5.

Review 3:

I read and wrote this type of esz with  Ak500 key programmer . Every time perfect

Review 4:

I read with R270 programmer no problem…. (new R280 should be ok)

R270 can read w211-Hc12 eeprom and flash.

choose the correct maskset of MCU for R270

W211 had 0K50E and 3K91D.Here diagram for Xprog and R270.
Xprog read with MCU part: W211 – HC12 EZS Xprog.jpg


R270 with MCU maskset: W211_0K50E(3K91D) R270.JPG