Program 2004 Mercedes Benz C240 AKL with VVDI Prog, KTP and Autel

Today, I’m working on a 2004 Mercedes Benz C240 with all keys lost with Xhorse VVDI Prog, VVDI Key Tool Plus (short as KTP), Autel MaxiIM IM608 with XP400 PRO, I took out the EIS cause I tried to calculate password with Autel, but it tells me it will take 20 minutes to 420 minutes, quite frankly I don’t have time for all that nonsense at all. As you can see, it is 209 EIS, funny thing is about this particular yeah won’t be reading it as a tool that has different variations of this adapter.

I will be reading with this adapter W209 /211 ZGW.

We also have this one W209 /211 (HG12).

And will use W211 ST12 adapter, and put it into the adapter W211 (ST12).

We’re gonna read with Xhorse VVDI Prog.

We’re back once I have everything setup, the EIS is on the adapter perfectly.

So now, I’m gonna put it into VVDI Prog, to plug the cable to the adapter W211 (ST12). And the plug the power adapter into VVDI Pro.

To read with VVDI Pro successfully.

Then, click on “Verify”

Then save as C240 EEP.

Click on “Flash”, and then “Read” until succeed, then “Verify”.

Then, save as “C240 flash”.

Awesome, so now I have both of those files, so what I’m gonna do is to transfer them both to VVDI Key Tool Plus.

This is the key to be programmed.

Go to “Immo programming” ->> “Europe” ->> “Benz” ->> “Select from system” ->> “Prepare Key File” ->> “Start Programming” ->> “Prepare key file” ->> Click [OK] to load the EIS file with password (support Motorola EEPROM data).

Go to “EIS” -> “20345605” ->> C240

Click on “Yes”.

Please confirm the key password, tap “OK” to continue.

Select V051 type of the generated key file, or you can choose more than one.

Calculating, require 30 seconds, query after 5 seconds…

Click “OK” to select the path to save the file.

Click on “Save here” and then “OK”

Preparing 1 key, 2 key, 3 key, 4 key, 5 key, 6 key, 7 key, 8 key …

Okay, key file generation completed, the saved path is : local file / MB/ KeyFile/20345605.

Back to tap “Read write key” and then “Read /Write key via IR”.

Tap “Star programming”.

Choose “Infrared identification key information”.

Insert the key into the infrared antenna of the Key Tool Plus, click “OK”.

Reading key data…

Click on “Continue”.

Choose “Erase the BE key”.

Click “OK” to ensure the key is inserted into the infrared antenna of the Key Tool Plus.

Erase success! Tap “OK”.

Again, go to “Infrared identification key information”, click on “OK” and then “Continue” to ensure FBS3 key info.

Choose “Write BE key”.

Click on “OK” to load the key file to be written.

Enter “20345605” folder and then “key4_23345605_used_051.bin”, then “Open”.

Click on “OK”.

Writing data success.

Please directly insert the activation key into the car to activate. If any problem, please following the on-screen guide to do.

Again, go to “Infrared identification key information”.

Now we have 4 key number.

So let me go put this back in the box, plug everything up and try to turn it back.

So I realized that the key won’t turns unless it’s connected to the vehicle

I’m going to test the working key on bench using Autel MaxiIM IM608.

Operation path: ESI tools -> Test EIS status /working key ->> On bench (G-box) ->> Test Working key ->> Current EIS type: W209/2006.

Please insert the key into the IR keyhole on the programmer (XP400 Pro)

Please insert the key into the EIS and remove the key 3 times.

Please insert the key into the IR keyhole on the programmer (XP400 Pro)

This key is the working key of this vehicle, key version: BE key, position: 4

Alright, the key is programmed.

Perfectly, the new key can start the car.

Here follow 3 questions and answers:

Question: Nice job, but why not completed with the key tool plus only? Those adapters work for the tablet as well.

Answer: I’ve tried that method and the tool doesn’t connect with the adapter after modifying it for the Key Tool Plus. I tend not to deviate from the tool’s original purpose unless I’m experimenting with my own modules.

Question: what about ezs cables do they work with the key tool plus?

Answer: it doesn’t work unfortunately. The adapter cable is not yet released.

Question: Nice! Where did you get adapters?

Answer: Xhorse VVDI Prog Mercedes EIS / EZS Adapters Kit