How to unlock/renew a BMW E Series CAS3 remote key

How to use Xhorse VVDI Prog and PCF79xx Adapter to unlock/renew a BMW E Series CAS3 remote key (ID 5WK49127) and make it programmable again? Check the details.

Remove the PCB from the BMW CAS3 remote key

Follow the wiring diagram in VVDI Prog software to connect VVDI Prog programmer and PCF79xx Adapter and BMW CAS3 PCB, and connect VVDI Prog to computer as well

Put the remote key on the coil of KEYDIY KD-X2 remote maker to read

The key is still locked.

Run VVDI Prog software to read data

As the power supply is not plugged to VVDI Prog programmer, read data error.

After plugging, click Reset Product in the software interface, and read data again.

Now read data successfully

Load the original EEPROM data to write in

Write success

Then load EROM data from VVDI to write in

Also write success

After that, click Set Product in the software interface

Identify the transponder via KD-X2 again

Now it’s unlocked, it has been read out is ID46 7953.

Finally, remove or unsolder the wires and put the battery back assemble and program it again.