FoxFlash Software Download and Installation

FoxFlash Software Download and Installation Guide: 

Step 1: Download Foxflash Manager Tool

Go to:

Enter your Email and Phone number, Start to download.

Compatible operation system:

Windows 7, Windows8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11

Recommend minimum requirements:

CPU> 2.5GHz (Inter i5, i7), RAM> 4GB

After Software Download, Upzip the package and Install step by step.

Step2: Register this app with your Email

Check the SN where tie on your foxFlash box backside , notice : don’t realase that SN to anyone , its a safe code for you ,dont let any third party or guys know that code or it easy let your tools lock. Enter SN Code to Activate.

Connect your foxflash tool to laptop via usb cable  then clicke the download button which in foxFlash manager app inside

Step 3. After download finish ,pls open the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\FoxFlash Manager\foxflash\DFB Technology\DFBTech_DRIVER

Install the drivers

Step 4. Disconnect your foxflash tool , then plugin the usb again

Step 5. Click the foxflash manager app active button till actived , then run the foxFlash app in your desktop , then input the password at the windows ,click login .

Step 6: Close your software : click the close button on foxFlash Manager app , then click the foxflash exit button , you totally close ours tool and software .

Notice: always run foxflash manager app each time when you need use ours tool

Run it then click the active button , it will keep let the tool access ours server .

Download just need do at the frist time you don’t have the software .

Foxflash Manager tool and softeare download and install video guide:

Learn more: