Xtool A80 Pro VS A80 VS X100 Pad3

Xtool A80 Pro vs. A80 vs. X100 Pad3, what are their pros and cons, which are more capable?

In general, Xtool X100 Pad3 has 3 more special functions (adds Electronic Pump Activation, Performance Tire upgrade and Disable Transportation ) and A80 Pro has 17 special functions. Besides Xtool X100 Pad3 programs key for 16 more car models.

Xtool A80 Pro is better than X100 Pad3 in two aspects:

  1. OBD diagnosis: covers a wide range of cars worldwide and access to all electronic control systems, performs actuation test and read live data (PAD3 is only able to read and clear trouble codes).
  2. A80 Pro performs online/offline ECU programmingfor a partial cars.

For the other functions (Key programming), they are the same.

Please read the details in the following comparison table.

Xtool A80 Pro Xtool A80 Xtool X100 Pad3
Read ecu information X
Read trouble code
Clear trouble code
Live data X
Read freeze frame X
Actuation test X
Instrument Cluster
Key programming vehicles 67 models 70 models 83 models
EEPROM Adapter (optional) (optional)
KC100 (optional) (optional)
KC501 (optional) (optional) (optional)
online/offline programming X X
coding X X
Enable hidden features X X
Oil service reset
Window initialization
ABS Bleeding
Gearbox Match
BMS Reset
Air Suspension
SAS Reset
Crankshaft Resync
Injector code
Airbag reset
Seat configuration
Electronic Pump Activation X X
Performance Tire upgrade X X
Disable Transportation X X

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