BMW E series (GS19D) 6HP refresh using Yanhua ACDP Module 17

Update! Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 17 BMW E series (GS19D) 6HP refresh is released, it is able to clear the BMW E series 6HP EGS ISN on bench, and read BMW E series 6HP EGS ISN on bench or via OBD. It covers E60/E61/E63/E64/E70/E71/E72/E81/E82/E83/E84/E87/E88/E89/E90/E91 /E92 /E93

ACDP Module 17 Features:

  1. The adapter connection and the whole job is done on bench instead of using the whole set of CAS3 platform (CAS module, JBE module, instrument, working key and key coil).

2.No downgrade programming during clearing EGS ISN, simple, efficient and riskless.

On bench mode: how to connect ACDP unit, BMW EGS 6HP adapters?

Step 1. Please prepare ACDP, EGS adapter, interface board and gearbox.

Step 2. Connect the interface board correctly to the gearbox interface as shown.

Step 3. Connect ACDP, EGS adapter, interface board and gearbox.

ACDP Software Operation on one phone / Computer:

Click on “BMW”

EGS refresh

6H (GS19D) ISN Clear (Supports E Chassis)

Bench Mode / OBDII mode

Here we go to “Bench Mode”, there are options:

Identify EGS info, clear EGS ISN, Read EGS ISN, Modify EGS VIN, Reset EGS system etc.

Clear Clear BMW E series EGS 6H (GS19D) ISN using Yanhua ACDP successfully:

Firstly “Identify EGS info” and then “Clear EGS ISN”.

OBDII Mode: Simple connect ACDP unit to the OBD2 port of the car.

And OBDII mode options: Identify EGS info, Read EGS ISN, Reset EGS adaptation, Modify EGS VIN, Reset CAS system, Reset EGS system etc.  It share the same function as “Bench mode”.