YH ACDP Mini adds BMW E Chassis EGS 8HP reset

Update: YH ACDP Mini adds the function of BMW E Chassis EGS 8HP reset (i.e 2011 x6).

***Working together with Yanhua Module 11 (that means you are supposed to have module 11 first and have this authorization:https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/a51d-license-for-bmw-e-chassis-8hp-isn-clear-working-with-acdp-module-11.html)


Click on “BMW”.

Click on “EGS refresh”.

Click on “8HP ISN Clear (Support E Chassis)”.

Have options:

EGS State

Clear ISN

Reset adaptation

Upgrade program

Modify VIN

3 optional methods to connect the YH ACDP, adapters, module and BMW car:

Connection method 1:

Step 1. Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, EGS interface board and EGS module.

Step 2. Connect the 8HP end of the EGS interface board to the EGS module interface.

Step 3. Short the CAN termination resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-Join” terminal.

Step 4. Connect the ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, EGS interface board and EGS module.

Connection method 2: Connect ACDP with vehicle OBD-II port.

Connection method 3: Please connect ACDP to EGS interface according to the diagram.