How to do MB91Fxx mileage correction with Yanhua ACDP?

Topic: How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to correct mileage for Japanese car with CPU MB91.



1.Have one Yanhua Mini ACDP basic package + module 5 CPU MB91FXX package & authorization (Send the machine serial number to the dealer for authorization)


2.Browse the official site:

Click on “Resource download“.

Click on “Download” icon to download and also “Download the runtime installation package“.

Install on Win7/Win10.



Also, you can install on PC (no resource bundle), as well as Android APP & IOS APP.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-02 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-03


3.Open Mini ACDP, click on “Fujitsu MB91FXX“.



4.We have option: Honda, Hyundai, Kia.



5.Enter “Honda” and we have option:

FIT General (MB91F061BS)

FIT Deluxe (MB91F061BS)

Vezel (MB91F061BS)

XR -V (MB91F061BS)

Greiz (MB91F061BS)



6.Enter ” FIT General (MB91F061BS)” and have option:

Auto Mode   (Help)

Advanced Mode (Help)


Just click on “Help” and you will have wiring diagram to follow.


mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-09 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-10


7.Back to select “Hyundai” and have option”Sonata9 (MB91F062BS) ” .

Go to Auto mode  or Advanced mode.

Click on the “Help” and you will get wiring diagram.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-11 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-12 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-13 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-14 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-15 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-16


8.Back to select “Kia” and have option:

K3 (MB91F067CS)

K5 (MB91F067CS)



9.Go on “K3” and have option:

Auto Mode (Adjust Mileage)

Advanced Mode ( Reading mileage, Adjust mileage, Backup data, Recover data)



10.Next is go to “K5” and have option:

Auto Mode (Adjust Mileage)

Advanced Mode ( Reading mileage, Adjust mileage, Backup data, Recover data)



If you have no idea how to connect the cables and the adapters? Click the “Help” to follow the wiring diagram.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-20 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-21 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-22 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-23 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-24


That’s all.