How to use Mini ACDP Porsche Key refresh Interface board?

One user bought Yanhua Mini ACDP + Porsche module, yesterday he feedback he didn’t know how to use the Porsche Key refresh Interface board. engineer told him the operating method.


Here we go:

Firstly, this is Porsche Key refresh Interface board.


Then, open “Mini ACDP”, then “Porsche”.

Then “Porsche key refresh”.


Then have 5 options, there is one “Help” after each option, click “Help” to follow.

Porsche 315MHz 7PP959753BM

Porsche 315MHz 7PP959753BQ

Porsche 433MHz 7PP959753BN

Porsche 433MHz 7PP959753BS

Porsche 434MHz 7PP959753AJ


Step 1:

Have ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, 8PIN cable, interface board and Porsche key.


Step 2:

Remove the mechanical key and the battery and confirm the location of the test point.


Step 3:

Snap the interface board into the battery compartment of the key.


Step 4:

Use an 8PIN cable to connect the interface board to the OBP+ ICP adapter and connect the adapter to ACDP.


Good luck.