Reviews + Car List: Autek iKey820 programs new key to Toyota

Yes! Autek iKey820 can be a good Toyota key programmer.

Look here: Autek iKey820 reviews/tests reports on Toyota and the car list.

iKey820 Toyota reviews:

2013 Toyota RAV4 add a key H chip success.
2016 Toyota Corolla prox fba suffix. Add Virginized proximity went right in
2008 Toyota Camry pts. Copy done quickly
2007 camry remote key Key type 2. Remote type 2 1 minute
2008 Toyota Tacoma toy44d – PT add key no problem
2014 Toyota Camry add Key – it was a success but I had to program the key twice for the security light to go out
2016 rav4 h chip add 1 minute! Remote system 2
2016 Toyota Sienna. Add prox. Done.
2016 Toyota Camry Keyed ignition H chip Add master key duplicate SUCCESS
2010 Toyota rav4 akl programmed rhk both chip and remote.
2016 Toyota Camry hybrid add prox in and out
2011 toyota highlander-add g key
2012 Toyota Rav4 – add a second key (G Chip) – Succes
2009 Toyota Camry —- programmed remote
2007 Toyota Tacoma- add secon key. No problem.
2013 Toyota Corolla, add key and remote head. Piece of cake
2018 Toyota 4 Runner add rhk g chip
Programmed a key to a 2006 Toyota Sienna.
2009 Toyota Camry added to remote keys about a minute each and programmed remote part under remote type 2
Toyota cambry 2007 success with i820
2015 Toyota 4 Runner added prox in 15 seconds.

Autek iKey820 Toyota car list:

Autek iKey820 Toyota car list

Autek iKey820 Toyota car list Autek iKey820 Toyota car list Autek iKey820 Toyota car list