Yanhua ACDP Program New Key Fob on 2020 Range Rover

A customer bought Yanhua Mini ACDP Master + Module 9, and he used them to program new key fob on one 2020 Range Rover. All are fine and would like to share with more users.

This is 2020 Range Rover.


Find KVM Module.

yanhua-acdp-program-new-key-fob-2020-range-rover-02 yanhua-acdp-program-new-key-fob-2020-range-rover-03

Dismantle KVM Module.


Use Yanhua Mini ACDP to connect to KVM Module without welding & soldering.


Look at the new key fob that is programmed by ACDP Mini.

Good to know:

You are supposed to browse the ACDP official site to download software for a phone or a computer to install and operate. And this Yanhua Mini ACDP page includes all using instructions: