Subaru SSM4 V22.60 Software / Patch Download Free & Setup

Good news for sharing: newest V22.60 Subaru SSM4 (Subaru Select Monitor 4) has been tested working flawlessly with VXDiag Subaru diagnostic tool and release at V22.60 Subaru SSM4 software and the patch (required) is free to download here.

1: VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 SSM4 Software Free Download
SSM3: 2020.7

SSM4: V22.60

FlashWrite 2

2.(Required) Subaru SSM4 Patch Free Download


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Workable tool: VXDIAG Subaru diagnostic tool

Tip: Upgrade Subaru SSM3 software directly to SSM4 is impossible.

Images attachments:

After browsing the link of Subaru SSM3 SSM4 Software.


After opening the folder of Subaru SSM4


Subaru patch size:6.5MB, please make sure download it and install it.


After installing SSM4 software, you will have options: Diagnosis, immobilizer registration, Reprogram, Generic OBDII, Reading Driving Recorder.


The Differences of SSM3 & SSM4:

1.Subaru Select Monitor IV is available with dealer-level systems coverage and capabilities.

  1. SSM4 is compatible with Subaru vehicles from year 2016 onwards; SSM3 works with Subaru from 1998 to 2018.
  2. compatible Subaru diagnostic tool:

SSM3 works with genuine Hitachi HDS3000 or the newer Denso DST-i or a third-party tool called VXDIAG;

SSM4 works with the Denso as well as VXDIAG.

The similarities of SSM3 & SSM4:

Both are working on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Diagnosis: OK

Customization: OK

ECU programming: OK

Remote/Key programming: OK

Reprogramming: OK

VXDiag Subaru diagnostic tool reviews: IMO it will be when you have an issue with any of the systems and can easily view live data and error codes. Or program a new key when you lose one.

How to install SSM4 V22.60?

Youtube video is coming soon.

How to Install 10.2018 SUBARU SSM III for VXDIAG?

Tip: You have to make sure that you run ssm iii from the vx diag software, not just clicking ssm iii from the desktop or start menu.

If you run either iii or iv from somewhere other than vxdiag you may need to re-run the vx diag crack and or reinstall. I don’t see anything that vx ssm iii can’t do that a dealer can do.