Download Toyota Techstream 14.00.018 Software + Patch: Free, 100% Tested

(04.2019)  Free download Techstream version 14.00.018 software and patch for Toyota customization, diagnosis and programming. Confirmed to work with Allscanner diagnostic tools, incl. vxdiag vcx nano for toyota, vcx pro and vcx plus.


Free Download Toyota Techstream V14.00.018:!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ

Free Download Techstream V14 patch:!7VZzBQgZ!wO9Fjk0gfZF-tfv6zQAqzw

Version: 14.00.018

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese

Operating system: 

Windows XP: confirmed!

Windows 7: confirmed!

Windows 10 64bit: need help!

Techstream has been compatible with 64 bit OS

However, the driver for VxDaig Nano (which is what I think you meant) is not a 64 bit driver, so you will need to go back the sellers of VxDaig and seek their support to load it on a 64-bit system.



Password: Not required

Activation: No need activation

Security: Safe! 100% tested by real pros



vcx plus: confirmed!

vxdiag vcx nano pro: confirmed!

vxdiag vcx nano for toyota: confirmed!



Customized settings: confirmed

OBD2 diagnostic test: confirmed

ECU programming: confirmed

Key making: confirmed


Steps to install Techstream:


Step 1: Install Techstream

Open My Computer

Open NANO TOYOTA software CD

Make sure the computer time is the same as your local time

Open Techstream-Setup-14.00.018

Select software language…Next

Install Techstream software wizard…Next

Accept license agreement

Click Next

Confirm user name and company name, press Next

Click “Install”

The procedure will take 10 minutes, please wait patiently


Step 2: Activate Techstream

This will create Tecshtream software shortcut on desktop

Right click Tecshtream software on desktop, click Properties>>Find Target, go to C:\Program Files\ToyotaDiagnostics\Techstream\bin\VerApp.ini, change TISFunction=1 to TISFunction=0, save it.


Step 3: Install VX Manager driver

Open VX Manager driver and install it

Accept license agreement


The driver is installed



Step 4: Install device driver

Connect VXDIAG Toyota interface with computer via USB or WIFI

The system will detect the device driver

Select “Install the software automatically”, press Next

Finish installation

Install driver again


Step 5: Update software

Open VX Manager driver on desktop

Click on“License” to update

Select “Diagnostic Apps”-> “Toyota TIS”-> “Install” to download latest Techstream software


Step 6: Configure software

Press “Run” button

Select Area

Select software language

Complete repair information as picture below displayed

Launch Tecshtream software

Click Setup tab->VIM Select ->select interface setup as “VCX”


Step 7: Diagnose vehicles

Connect VXDIAG VCA NANO Toyota interface with vehicle

Select “Connect to vehicle” in Techstream and wait well communication is built

Select vehicle information

Select system and function you need to diagnose

Diagnostic test starts…


This is the VXDIAG Toyota for diagnostic tests: