How to Use Vident iAuto700 Register New Battery After Replacement

Here share the procedures on how to use Vident iAuto700 to register battery after replacement for VW.



Connect Vident iAuto700 tool to vehicle by OBD port.

Enter “Replace Battery” menu to select “Display Data”,

Establishing vehicle communications,please wait…

Now you can see the battery information before replacement and registration

Now you need to perform battery replacement operation

Then select “Validate Battery”

Note:The adaption may only be performed when a new battery has been fitted.

Please check the battery label to confirm what the content is Capacity of Part Number

1.Battery Capacity

2.Battery Part Number

Enter the battery rated capacity

The rated capacity is indicated on the battery (Example 51 Ah or 60 Ah)

Enter only the number

Now enter battery capacity “100”

Do you want to save and continue,press “Yes” to continue

Select battery manufacturer,select “MLA”

Enter battery serial number “0000000001”

It will prompt you to continue,press “Yes” to continue

And now you can back to menu to select “Display Data” to check.