BMW Key Programmer Reviews: Yanhua ACDP Mini or VVDI BIM tool Pro

Some users have been using Yanhua ACDP mini, while some using VVDI BIM tool Pro (not VVDI2), or someone have both. They already have using experience for sharing.


Yanhua ACDP Mini or VVDI BIM tool Pro


Part 1. How good of VVDI BIM tool Pro (upgraded version of VVDI BMW tool)?

Part 2. How good of Yanhua ACDP mini key programmer?


Part 1. How good of VVDI BIM tool Pro (upgraded version of VVDI BMW tool)?


VVDI BIMTool Pro works extremely well for E series 1, x1, 3, 5, and x5.

So for those who are thinking of buying one of these VVDI BMW tool. You connect it by ODB in the car, hit connect to gather the basic info on the car, cas type, key frequency, vin, bunch of other stuff. Then you should go to the next step, select the protocol which was also told to you after connect. Press “get key info” and hope for the best. If it displays the key info on screen you are set, select a key slot and prepare a key. The whole process should take less than 5 mins…if you can get the key data.

What I find odd about the process is how much is done for you, but then some other steps you have to do that would be quite easy for the application to simply do. For example, you load the app and you’re at Cas Info screen with car type set to auto detect. Press connect and you get a good deal of info, one piece being which protocol to use. Now if you want to go further, you select key learn and for car type you should now switch auto detect to what it said after you connected on the cas info screen. Auto detect was designed to do a very quick scan and gives you all the answers you may have on the car. But it also knows what protocol to use as it just used it to gather the correct info.

I spent quite a few hours getting connection errors because auto detect works within seconds to get your info but it won’t connect to read the eeprom or key info. So when you open the app, hit connect and see what it says for car type. Then move on to the next screen and select that type, then connect again. Now you can get what you want from it. If I could have just one major change (other than it working with all cars as advertised) is to have a forced opening screen which has one button, connect. After it gathers the basic info, it should use that to configure itself to do everything it can without you having to do anything other than choose a direction.

So now that my rant is over. I do like how fast this unit can make a key. If it worked with all E series cars it would be absolutely amazing. But it doesn’t.

I have tried the following to make keys:
2006, 07, 08, 09, 11 E90 3 Series – Works
2007 E70 X5 – Works
2009 E88 135i – Works
2007 E60 525i – Works
2009 E60 535xi – Works
2012 E84 X1 – Works
2003 E65 745i – Doesn’t work
2004 E66 745Li – Doesn’t work
2006 E66 750Li – Doesn’t work
2008 E66 760Li – Doesn’t work
2010 F01 750i – Connects, shows basic info – I didn’t try to make a key but I will tomorrow.

ECU work: I’ve tried a number of things with MSV70 and MSV80’s in car and on the bench, all work no issues.

Transmissions: It says that it can clear and make new the 8HP module. I’ve tested this on the 6HP transmission in the E90 and E65. Those are 6 speed older transmissions and the VVDI read them and was able to clear the units without question.

E and F series programming: Loads in and works – can show and clear DTC’s. It can get complicated quick which is much further than I need to go, for now.

For the CAS cable:

I wanted to spend some time and confirm what I’m about to say.

For the CAS cable, they have two versions. Download the manual for the BMW VVDI and check the last few pages to see what the cable should look like inside. If it doesn’t match then you have a version one and you should mod it to match. Once it matches you should take the CAS covers off the cable and make sure that all pins are actually making it to the end of the connector. Mine had a few that were in half way. Next without a CAS module plugged in, check for +12v on both large cable ends (you can check them all but 2 will do). Mine didn’t have +12v and even under read, no 12v. I thought that maybe the cable used a switching fet that would apply 12v when you want to read the module, tested that, nothing. I found 12v on the ODB end of the cable, found where 12v from the CAS end comes into the cable and simply moved the CAS wire over to 12v inside the ODB2 end. With 12v, I can read on the bench.

With a confirmed working cable, now comes the real kick in the ass. I can only read CAS1 on the bench. CAS2 modules from the E series (white case) from 3, 5, X series will read in the car perfectly but won’t read with the cable. So the cable is really a CAS1 bench cable. That should work fine for anyone trying to read CAS1 cars from 2000-2006 that don’t read in the car.

I just pulled the complete wiring harness out of a E90 2011 – I will see what on the CAN bus is needed to make this work on the bench. It will take time but I will have answers.

I had a chance to try the BMW F01 750i today. It uses a CAS4 system and it worked without any issues. Key was made in under 5 mins.

A BMW 2014 X1 came in with a CAS3++ today, tried to read the information and it said that feature isn’t supported yet but soon. Went to Key learn and it said it had to flash this type of CAS, would take 10 mins. Didn’t really feel confident in that but went for it. Took 10 mins and it was able to make a key after the flash. In order to make a key for this CAS3++ it said it needed a real key to make it work. So you insert the real key into the programmer, then insert the new key and it was able to make it work. All keys lost wasn’t supported.

So for my needs, I needed to cover the E series from 2002 to 2010. So far the only car it won’t read is the BMW 760 E66. I guess they didn’t have one available to test with. I have another 760 coming in a week or two. When that gets here I plan to take a CAS1 from a 2003 745 and attempt to change the vin, KM, and codes to see if I can start the 760. This one 760 I have now has no fob, just the plastic valet key. The unit can read the ECU and basic info from the CAS so it should be possible to mod another CAS to allow the car to start. No harm in trying. 

So far I do like the unit. If they would have had a bundle with a set of working cables, full detailed info like CAS1 needs to be read in directly, I would have paid more to get it all one shot.


Part 2. How good of Yanhua ACDP mini key programmer?



Review 1. I’m using the mini acdp with all modules for BMW and it is great tool. No need soldering at all, and I did a lot of keys without problems.

Review 2. I searched the entire well-known Chinese store, checked all coupons and seller links for individual modules and kits, in the end I bought Yanhua mini in the following sequence:

1). Base + Module 1 cas + Module 3 ISN 471.2 $
2). Module 2 Fem 295.34 $
3). Module 7 Key replace + test key board (very rare 7 module kit) $ 51.34
4) . Module 4 35160 $ 88.35

In total, I received BASE + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 7 modules = $ 906.23

Since I have never dealt with GEARBOX, buying a module for boxes for at the moment does not make sense

I also bought test platforms 1. FEM 2. CAS 1-3 + 3. CAS4 / 4 +

I hope I did not make a mistake by purchasing this equipment, for the reason I need to make 3 keys for BMW F series without filling up the car.

Review 3.

I got Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool since a week and I am excited
M35080 Programming needs some improvements, there are some bugs (tested on 4 dashs, and its better to desolder)
Serial EEP 24XX, 25XX, 93XX, 95XX works like a charm (but tested on only 3 Eeps)
Tried several CAS4 to Read without any problems, Mileage reset works too
CAS3 tested only 1 but read without problem
On a another group they reported to create successfully keys on FEM/BDC and CAS4

Review 4.

Reading eprom cas4 and make a key for f11 so far done.
Cant say much more.
cas4 reading eprom compared with vvdi reading and its matching 100%

Review 5. 

I have the newest one my ACDP is only 2 months old. bought Yanhua ACDP BMW PACKAGE.

CAS3-4 keys no problem with ACDP icp mode of course
FRM repair also works good


I used it for few keys and coping f series ecus had no issues with that,
tried bdc for key programming wouldn’t connect to bdc via adapter
need more testing but so far for keys on cas4/3 it works good.


Just did CAS4  KR55WK49663 key yesterday worked like a charm, I need to test it on fem and bdc but CAS never had any issues. I also use it from iPhone

Review 6.  

It’s worked fine for me so far but I use it only for EGS stuff.

Review 7.  

Well I’ve used it for:-
CAS3+ reading and writing flash and eeprom. Excellent
FEM/BDC spare keys. Spot on.
Cas4 AKL and spare keys. Spot on.
Locked JLR KVM. Spot on.
FRM Repairs. Again, spot on.
It’s becoming one of my favorite tools.

Review 8.

Done a few CAS3+ and 16 Jag XF with no issues
I never buy Chinese tools direct from China. Yes you will pay more buying from a local supplier but you have some support and can return the tool if it breaks.

also CAS4/4+ no issues

Review 9.

I bought one purely as it was cheap, I needed something for my Comfort Access retrofit that could make keys and read the CAS. This was £300ish and does everything I need. It makes keys flawlessly on CAS4 over OBD. I know it’s not the most expensive but keys over OBD is a great option!


I bought an ACDP mini purely to create new CAS4 keys for my F10 and to clone my CAS4 for a comfort access retrofit. CAS clone worked great and was successful in adding new keys to donor CAS after cloning as well as original keys working ok. Reading CAS4 via ICP working first time every time and I have had no failures or errors. The issue with my method was that cloning the original CAS4 also copied the HWAP which rendered the Comfort Access aspects of the donor CAS inoperable. The solution was given by a friend who decrypted the CAS using a different tool, I think Autohex. I still had to provide the DME ISN for him from ACDP in order to decrypt the CAS data.

ACDP has some usable functions but its certainly not a professional tool. I don’t use the mobile interface, I use the PC software

Review 10.

True, ACDP is one of the best tools. No soldering and does what it needs to for key making and icp reading of cas.
Explorer is the most cumbersome (you need keytag tool, Ecu explorer needs that you open dme’s e.t.c) but one of the best all round tool, Autohex makes things as easy as can be and also one of the best all round.

Review 11.

I find it excellent for reading CAS3+ modules. I’ve bought the ISN adapters, but not needed the MEV17.2 ones, yet.

Read the official info: Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW carlist (CAS1 – CAS4+, FEM BDC, BDC2)

Review 12.

Get the Yanhua Mini ACDP with cas module.
I have both VVDI2 and Yanhua.
Using only yanhua via eeprom (doesn’t require soldering, just adapter for all CAS1-CAS4).
BEST TOOL ON MARKET 100%. Not a single fault after 100+ keys.

Doing via eeprom way faster than VVDI with downgrade. I do e60 in 7 min and e90 in 10 minutes, together with cutting the key. CAS4 also 10min. Only thing for which I use VVDI2 is CAS2 E65, because I don’t wanna get the damn CAS out.

Tools also supports bench ISN reading from mevd/edc17 and mg/md1 ECU. So AKL on CAS3+ and CAS4+ takes about 15-20minutes, together with opening and decoding the lock, cutting, ISN reading and programming. Gamechanger, before I bought the tool I spent 40 min to carefully solder, read, write bla bla bla.

Also easiest And best solution For FEM. don’t need to reconnect to the car and run there and back. Just connect tool to FEM, wait for 5-10min and preprocess+key is ready. Done about 20 fem/bdc keys With 100% success rate.

Only one rule for 100% success rate with BMW – even if it is advertised it goes OBD, never do it. Only eeprom and you will sleep well. VVDI Prog if you ok with 30-40min and 80% success rate for CAS4, Yanhua if you make lot of BMW and need quick job and 100% success with all cars.

Also, as a bonus in the future you can buy the Volvo module and be able to make Volvo keyless KVM programming without ori abrites or VIDA online. Tested couple of weeks ago for the first time on Volvo XC70 or XC60 (don’t remember) keyless 868. Readed KVM pass via adapter, CEM pass via adapter and programmed key via OBD first try. Total job took 50min with erth.

When I first bought the tool I ordered without reading reviews, and while waiting for shipment I started to read and found goddamn YouTube videos where some idiot throws CAS around the table while trying to read and complains that tool worries about weak connection. Started to worry, because tool is pretty infamous around DK, only one bad review on YouTube. But after using it for a Year – I was like “I need to make a review on DK, so that people know the truth”. Always was to lazy to write it, but here it is guys.

The only tool which so far has 100% success rate FOR ME. VVDI2 I use only for VAG and even there it has limitations.

To be updating…


Both Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW Full and VVDI BIM Tool Pro are working greatly for BMW key programming.

Yanhua Mini ACDP can program BMW key without dismantling. VVDI BIM Tool Pro can learn BMW key via OBD.

The main difference is that VVDI BIM Tool Pro is also a BMW programming and coding tool.