Guide on Yanhua ACDP Renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4

Free update! Yanhua Mini ACDP can renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4, this post is on how to operate it.

CAS1 (0K50E) eeprom data renew

CAS2 (2k79x) eeprom data renew

CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) eeprom data renew

CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) refresh & coding by ICP.


Images mean a lot:

1.CAS1 (0K50E) renew


2.CAS2 (2k79x) renew


3.CAS3 (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew

acdp-cas3-renew-03 acdp-cas3-renew-04

4.CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew.

acdp-cas4-renew-05 acdp-cas4-renew-06


Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW eeprom data renew functions :

Renew the EEPROM data of CAS1-CAS4. New EEPROM data can be generated by loading EEPROM data of other cars, modifying vehicle frequency, VIN, ISN code and other info, to solve the problem of replacement a CAS module because of missing EEPROM data of CAS module or failed reading EEPROM data of CAS module.

Step 1:
Prepare the EEPRON data for the corresponding chip model and copy the data to the APP path: “:/ Atmatch/bmw/CAS4/CAS_Renew’, then select the corresponding EEPROM file for parameter calculation.




Step 2
Enter the VIN number, vehicle frequency, ISN code, etc that need to be modified, modify the loaded data and save it, the Mini ACDP will automatically clear the CAS mileage.


Step 3
Write the saved new EEPROM data to the CAS module, then load the CAS module


Step 4
After the module is loaded, if the vehicle cannot be started, or the “Direction lock” is displayed on the meter, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

Step 5:
Use professional equipment to clear the trouble codes of the vehicle.

The original car key is invalid and you need to relearn the new key to start the car.