Fixed! Yanhua ACDP adds Porsche Macan 2015 key “Data file verification error”

Bought Yanhua Mini ACDP to add new key on Porsche Macan 2015, when reading Dflash it gave error” EXT contact is bad” and “Data file verification error”.

acdp-porsche-macan-2015-add-new-key-01 acdp-porsche-macan-2015-add-new-key-02


100% working solution by Yanhua engineer:

You dismantle the incorrect module, please dismantle the BCM under the steering wheel shown as below.

acdp-porsche-macan-2015-add-new-key-03 acdp-porsche-macan-2015-add-new-key-04 acdp-porsche-macan-2015-add-new-key-05