Can Yanhua acdp read 2008 BMW 335 ISN?

Yanhua acdp programmer can read most 2008 BMW 335 ISN, for 100% confirmation, please provide me with the car VIN number to check the specific DME model.


This is 2008 BMW 335 VIN number.

yanhua-acdp-read-2008-bmw- 335-isn-01 engineer reply:

After confirming, the engine is MSD81, yanhua acdp is able to read the ISN.

yanhua-acdp-read-2008-bmw- 335-isn-02


For your information, to use yanhua acdp to read BMW ISN, you need one extra Module 3.

Good source of yanhua acdp


Good source of Module 3


yanhua-acdp-read-2008-bmw- 335-isn-03


After receiving the hardware, please obtain the authorization by yourself.

Tutorial: How to obtain Yanhua acdp authorization by yourself.